How to dye your hair white

Can lightenhairspecial shampoo. This method is more acceptable for women who have never performed the clarification procedure. After repeated washing with such shampoohairat the roots will acquire a naturalColour, and the tips will become brighter.
To date, there are many options for lightening paint containing resistant to flushing and not damaging the structure of the hair components. Directly clarifying substances are oil-based and can be in the form of powders or creams. Bleaches in the form of creams, due to their consistency, do not spread and do not flow into previously painted areas of hair. They are less aggressive, unlike powder, because they contain conditioning ingredients that protect the scalp. This type of clarifier is best used for coloring inwhiteColourroots, thin hair, previously painted and porous curls.Unlike creamy, powder clarifiers are more concentrated and more quickly show their effect onhair. Such clarifiers contain activators that generate oxygen, which allows you to speed up the processing and several times increase its effectiveness. These types of clarifiers can dry out faster than others. Powders can be used when painting inwhiteColourhard, thick, difficult to lighten hair. The disadvantage of powder clarifiers is the possibility of skin burns.
Hair dyeing should be carried out to the desired degree of clarification, of course - within reason, taking into account the peculiarity of the hair structure. Then it is necessary to tint the roots. The frequency of lightening every one and a half to two months is considered the norm. After dyeing hair, you must constantly use special masks, balms and shampoos, as well as apply nourishing creams. Do not use dandruff shampoos.
Masks should not be applied to the hair roots, it can lead to clogging of the scalp pores. This can cause very severe itching, andhairit will not look very good, hanging icicles. For longhairThe mask should be applied at a length of 12–15 cm from the tips, at a short length of 2–5 cm. The applied mask should be washed off only with warm water, and then, after 7–9 minutes, a light head massage should be performed. Once every two weeks will be enough for those whohairfatty, owners of normal or dry are advised to make a mask once a week.

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