How to draw an anime girl in stages?

October 1, 2014
How to draw an anime girl in stages?

Anime is called Japanese animation. Drawings in this style are characterized by special forms and methods of drawing. As a rule, anime characters have round faces, large and expressive eyes, long legs and slender figures. Let's look at an example of how to gradually draw an anime girl with a pencil.

Draw an anime girl

  1. Start drawing from the face. Draw a circle and divide it in halfAnimevertical and horizontal lines. The horizontal line will be the top line of the eyes. We divide the bottom half in half - and this will be the bottom line of the eyes.
  2. Chin draw a little below the boundaries of the circle. Draw eyebrows over the upper line of the eye
  3. Eyes draw slightly elongated from top to bottom. It is necessary to paint them non-uniformly. In the center should be the most saturated areas - the pupils. The remaining area should be painted over with different shades of black and gray. White leave three highlights in each eye.
  4. We draw light semicircular lines directly above the eyes to give them greater expressiveness.
  5. Now we draw a bang and hair. The hair should look as if the character is blowing on the character from one side. You will learn more about how to draw hair in the article: How to draw anime hair.
  6. Next, draw a neck and shoulders. The neck should be thin and the shoulders fragile.
  7. At the last stage we draw the upper part of the dress and paint over the hair.

Another instruction is presented in our article: How to draw anime in stages.

You can draw an anime cat girl using the same instructions. It is only necessary to draw cat ears. And in order to draw an anime guy step by step, you can also use this instruction, only the eyes should be made a little smaller, and the hair should be replaced from long to short. Hairstyle may be different: disheveled hair, long fringe in his eyes, or just a "hedgehog".

If you want to draw an angel girl step by step, then you should take a different angle of the drawing, otherwise the wings will not be visible.

Draw angel girl

  1. Begin to mark the picture. It will be enough to draw a round head, a fragile body to the level of the waist and thin hands.
  2. Face draw with a pointed chin. The bangs are made lush, the eyes are large, and all other facial features are small.
  3. Hair again draw long, under gusts of wind.
  4. We make the dress tight, so that it emphasizes all the advantages of the figure.
  5. And the main touch is the wings that stick out from behind.

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