How to draw a world?

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How to draw a world?

Drawing objects around the world - one of the most interesting forms of creativity. During the process, you can draw the world, as a real (nature, underwater world), and fictional, fantasy.

How to draw the world with a pencil

The word �world� most often means nature, therefore, they paint surrounding objects and objects. We describe how to gradually draw the world around (nature, landscape):

  1. For a start, light lines and strokes mark the horizon and the main objects on it (trees, pond, hill, etc.). Let us analyze the picture on the example of the image of the pond and what surrounds it. On the surface of the future water surface, you can draw several waterfowl - ducks, swans. To begin with, we depict their outlines with ovals.
  2. At the bottom of the picture, you can draw grass (reeds) as well as on the sides with strokes. Further, clear lines around the edges of the lake (shore). On the shores we draw trunks and branches of trees. From circles on water, bar by bar we draw ducks (swans).
  3. Then you need to switch your attention to the background of the future picture.There you can draw a cloudy sky - winding lines, in the distance with light strokes you can define bushes, small trees or other objects.
  4. PeaceNext, we make our drawing clearer and fill with shadows, draw objects. On the water draw waves. We make grass more densely, on the banks we depict stones, unevenness of the earth's surface. We also give foliage to trees (it is not necessary to draw each leaf, it is enough just to mark the edges of the crowns and shade them).
  5. To finish the drawing, draw the elements of the background, feather some of its elements. With the help of a different pressure on the stylus of a simple pencil, different shades and shades in the drawing are achieved.

Pencil underwater world

To draw the underwater world with both a pencil and paints, colored crayons, you must first imagine it or copy it from a photo or a picture. There are a lot of inhabitants of the seas, oceans, rivers and lakes, so you need to decide exactly what aquatic creatures will be depicted in the picture. It can be a wide variety of fish, mammals (whales, dolphins), jellyfish, starfish, crabs, etc. The algae are inherent in the underwater world, they can be drawn just as the process of drawing grass for the terrestrial world was previously described.Peace

The drawing technique is similar to that described above: you need to draw in stages:

  • It is necessary to begin with separate elements of the picture: you can depict the bottom of a reservoir, or you can just have a water column;
  • Further outlines the contours of marine animals;
  • Gradually, you need to make the lines clearer, drawing every small detail;
  • Denote that this is the water world, you can use wavy lines that will symbolize the unevenness of the water.

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