How to draw a pen?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
October 1, 2014
How to draw a pen?

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How to draw a pen?

Some artists prefer to make drawings with pens. It will be a little more difficult for a beginner to work with this tool than with a pencil, but nevertheless you can try to master this skill too. Our advice will help you with this.

Draw a rose with a pen

As an example, we will show how to draw a rose with a pen. For starters, you can choose a simple drawing scheme:

  • Make an oval on paper and then draw petals with smooth rounded lines to it.
  • Draw a slightly curved stem, thorns and leaves. Now fill the picture with a color or stroke it with a pen.

When you are more or less familiar with drawing with a pen, you can proceed to more complex schemes. To create basic auxiliary lines, we recommend using a pencil.

Note that you first need to gradually draw the upper part of the picture with a pen and then move to the bottom. In this case, you will not be at risk of smearing the newly made lines with your wrist.

A variety of ideas about what drawings you can draw with a pen, you will find in our section Drawing.

Features drawing with a pen

Unlike a pencil, the lines of which can be corrected or completely removed at any time, a drawing made with a pen, almost cannot be corrected. This means that from the very beginning you need to draw a beautiful pen. This is the main difficulty of working with this tool.Rose pen

So, if you still can not boast of precise movements, which create beautiful, correct lines from the first time, it is better to first draw with pencil and then draw over it with a pen.

As for which tool to choose, it all depends on your taste and tasks. For example, an ordinary ballpoint pen will give quite thin and even lines, but the drawing will look a bit plain. But the gel pen will be able to draw a more elegant drawing, but such pens can sometimes leak. The best choice would be special drawing tools: a sketch pen with a movable pen, a liner pen, an isograph.

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