How to draw a man in stages

How to draw a man in stagesFew have a true artistic talent. However, this does not mean that if nature cheated on you with such a gift, you will not be able to learn at least the basics of drawing.
At first glance it may seem that it is rather difficult to depict something on paper, so much so that it looks beautiful and believable. But if you know certain secrets, you can cope with a similar task. From this article you will learn how to draw a person in stages.

We depict a man in full growth

Note that before starting the process, you must mentally present the image that you intend to draw. As an example, we will consider a simple drawing in which there will be no too detailed face, and the main attention will be paid to the human figure. So let's get started.

Stage 1

First of all, take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Draw a rectangle on the sheet with a 3x4 aspect ratio. Then draw a longitudinal line exactly through the middle of the figure, the size of the line should be about 2 times the length of the rectangle.Draw between the upper and lower corners of the figure in an arc.

Stage 2

After that, mark with small ovals those places in the figure, where later the face, shoulders and knees will be drawn. The circumference of the face should be given the most attention, while over the shoulders and knees one can not try hard. In the process of drawing the image, you will still erase these schematic ovals. Do not forget to also connect the head with the shoulders by drawing the neck.How to draw a man in stages

Stage 3

The next step is to outline the places of elbows and feet in small circles. After that, draw the shape of the side and the outer part of the hips.

Stage 4

Now you can guess in the figure the future figure of a person. Finish all the other necessary lines to get hands and feet. Check whether you have correctly depicted all the proportions of the body.

Stage 5

After that, all the schematic lines, which you initially designated the trunk, knees, elbows, feet and shoulders, can be erased. As a result, you get a picture of a human figure, which will need a little more detail.How to draw a man in stages

Stage 6

Our man is almost ready. Now he needs to be “dressed” in something suitable, for example, in trousers and a T-shirt.Draw the outlines of clothes and decorate them at your discretion. That wardrobe looked realistic, do not forget about the folds and shadows.


At the very end, draw the face and the remaining small details. Drawing with a person can be considered complete.

Perhaps it’s impossible to portray a person right the first time. Do not despair, because drawing, like any kind of art, requires practice.How to draw a man in stages

Helpful Tips

It should be added that during the drawing of a guy or girl you need to take into account the peculiarities of their anatomy. For example, a female figure has narrow shoulders and wide hips. In addition, the shape of the girl should be more rounded, the lines and curves be smooth. The male figure is a little angular, the hands are large, the calves are muscular. The neck of a woman should be depicted longer and thin, and her shoulders should be sloping.

In this article, we told you how to draw a person in stages. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this. A little patience and practice will help you achieve great results.

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