How to determine the length in 2018

You will need
  • palm of hand, matchbox, squared paper
If you are planning a rearrangement in the apartment and want to check whether the pieces of furniture fit in a new place, then, of course, it is better to use a meter ruler or tape measure. Having such a tool, everyone will cope with the measurement task, it will not make much effort.
If the roulette is not at hand, you can use the means at hand, and, in the literal sense of the word. For this, use the distance between the fingertips as far apart as possible.
Naturally, this method requires first to know what this distance is in centimeters. Putting one palm to the ruler once, you can remember what is the distance between the tips of the thumb and middle finger. It will only be necessary to attach such a measure to the measured item the necessary number of times, and the length of the table cover will cease to be a secret to you.
Ordinary matchbox can be used to determine length. Its standard length is 50 mm, width - 35 mm, thickness - 15 mm.
What if you need to measurethe lengthdrawn on paper curve line? Use to measure a strip of paper, preferably in the box. Attach the strip to the line edge, repeating its curves. Make a mark on the strip. Now you will need to count the number of cells, or using a conventional ruler to determinethe lengthpaper strip, which served as the yardstick.
The length of the traversed field is conveniently determined by counting pairs of steps. But first you need to find out the average value of your step when walking at a normal pace. In a person of average height, the step length can be 75-80 cm, respectively, a couple of steps will be about half a meter. Knowing this value, when walking, count the number of pairs of steps from one point to another and multiply bythe lengtha couple of steps. You will get an approximate distance traveled.

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