How to determine gold, silver or platinum at home?

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Fear of being deceived haunts many people, and this fear is not unfounded. According to statistics, for the last 10 years the extraction of precious metals has practically not increased, but the number of jewelry stores is growing at an incredible rate. Alas, even when buying jewelry in a jewelry store, there is a chance to run into a low-quality fake. Overcome doubts? The authentication of precious metals is available not only to specialists, but also to each of us. To do this, there are many ways that can be done at home.

All is not gold that glitters

Check the gold product and give a reliable conclusion on the belonging to the noble metal can only a jeweler, which has all the necessary analytical equipment. Professional verification is performed by the Assay Chamber.Examination of gold jewelry is not a cheap pleasure, the price of the service ranges from 10 to 20% of the appraised value of the product. Gold is forged more and more often, and no one wants to waste money. By the way, the need to check gold for authenticity may arise not only in relation to jewelry, but also, for example, when buying ingots or nuggets.

How to determine gold, silver or platinum at home?

Silver earrings with zirconia, SL;(price by reference)

The most difficult type of fake for self-determination of gold is the jewel of the jewel, on which is applied the thinnest layer of precious metal. It is extremely difficult to determine the authenticity of such work at home without causing harm to the product.

The most common methods of fake gold products:

  • surface gilding;
  • copper replacement;
  • alloys of aluminum and other metals;
  • alloy of titanium and gold.

Fake jewelery made of alloys close in color to gold leaves spots with a green tint on the skin, especially when wearing the ring for a long time. The substitution of gold for less valuable metal alloys by others or similar deposition can be determined using well-known methods.

The first stage is the verification of gold by comparison.Surely you have a jewelry, the authenticity of which you have no doubt. On a hard object should draw a line with these two decorations. Gold products will leave the same mark, if there are differences - this is a direct reason to doubt the quality.

Using a magnifying glass, look at the stamp on which the gold sample should be reflected. It should be clear, without damage.

The cost of a gram of gold changes daily, however, it should be relied upon when buying jewelry, even if they are not purchased from a store.

How to determine gold, silver or platinum at home?

Gold ring with diamonds and citrines, SL;diamond and citrine earrings, SL;(price by reference)

There is also an opinion that sound helps to calculate a copy. Crystal jingle when striking a hard surface emit gold products. A deaf or any other sound is a cause for concern.

Iodine check

Iodine is able to change the color of most of the components used to forge precious metal, but this sample is completely harmless for jewelry with a breakdown above 500 (i.e., containing more than 50 weight percent of gold).

On a product that causes doubt, it is necessary to apply a drop of drug alcohol solution of iodine, and after 10-15 seconds, remove its residues with a napkin.If a trace of iodine remains, then you are not in gold. Unchanged metal color may indicate authenticity.

Magnet test

Precious metals are not exposed to the magnet. Steel products, coated with a thin layer of gilding, will instantly be attracted to the surface of the magnet, the real gold jewelry will not react to the magnet.

Many manufacturers use locks for chains and bracelets, which include a steel spring - in this case, the magnet will attract only the lock.

Magnetic indifference is a necessary condition, but not sufficient. For example, non-magnetic are the majority of copper and tin alloys. However, such products are much easier: the difference in weight can be felt even without analytical weights.

Vinegar test

Cheap fake will turn black under the action of acetic acid. If you drop gold in it with a break above 500, then nothing will happen to it. This is another valid authentication method. 3-5 minutes is enough to conduct an experiment.

On tooth

You probably saw in the movies, as the main character tried the gold coin "in the teeth."This method is suitable only for high-grade gold (whiter than 900), which is relatively soft. On such gold, the teeth mark will definitely remain, since its hardness is much lower than that of other metals.

Determination of the authenticity of gold using analytical instruments

Instant recognition of metal components at home is possible with the help of a special device called a metal analyzer. The result is displayed on the screen within 2-3 seconds. To obtain it, you must aim the device at the object under study. The analyzer is widely used by the miners of precious metals.

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