How to decorate the original mug: knitted decoration

How to decorate the original mug: knitted decorationIn winter, we all wear gloves, warm mittens or knitted mittens, and when we get home we like to enjoy hot tea, cocoa or coffee. But no matter how warm the house, delicious tea, coffee or cocoa inevitably cool down quickly, especially if you are carried away by your favorite business and forget about them for a couple of minutes. To keep your drink warm and create a festive, winter mood for each tea or coffee break, tie your mitts with your own hands for a mug.


Knitted decoration on the mug


Tying different items with yarn is a very popular trend in the world. There is even a movement of the so-called "yarn bombing" a, a kind of graffiti - only instead of teenagers with balloons on the streets come out expertly knitting people with pre-prepared blocks of knitted cloth.


A little skillful work - and now a whole tree, a column-delimiter or a city lantern are “dressed” in motley,striped knitted "sweater" in height of human growth! This kind of urban art flourishes in northern countries, especially in Norway and Iceland - should be where winter stands so long, people want to decorate and warm the whole city from the outside.


But to give warmth to things you can, of course, at home. With such an ornament-cover for your favorite mug, not only will the drink cool down more slowly, but the mug itself will be more pleasant to hold in hands - it definitely will not slip.


If you have a large glass or a mug without a handle, you can tie the cover round, like a sock, on three or four spokes. Then it will be worn from below, and it is better to greatly reduce the number of loops at the bottom and above compared to the center, so that the cover does not move. But if the mug has a handle, you need a different type of case - zip up, because a regular round won't be able to put on the whole because of it.


How to decorate the original mug: knitted decoration


The clasp may be different, but this, in general, is a question only of your imagination. The question is exactly how it will wrap the handle. The most common option - an elongated tongue, passing under the handle and fastened with a button to a solid canvas on the other side.Three such mounts can be made - under the handle, above and below. Another popular option is to narrow the canvas, making it spindly, and moving the fastener directly under the handle. Sometimes the handle is also wrapped with thread, but this is an infrequent case - then it will be more difficult to wash the mug.


All fasteners for such covers are usually made exactly on buttons - this is considered to be the most “cozy” and simple way - after all, to clean a mug, you will need to remove the cover.


Here, for example, the scheme for a cover with a triple clasp for a cup of standard height, diameter and width. The canvas itself will be a width (as wide as possible) - 66 loops. Let's make 4 strips of different colors (for example, in the green range - olive, pale green, light green and green). Knit the top strip with a width of 9 rows, lowering two loops, one on each side, in the last row.


How to decorate the original mug: knitted decoration


This strip should contain a clasp, so that the top four rows should be 10 loops longer. Make the next strip with a width of 6 rows and also reduce the hinges; the third can be made again a little wider, for example, 10 rows, and turn down the loops in the bottom two rows. Again remember the fastener - the same length and width.And, finally, the last strip, bottom, knit in 8 rows and reduce 2 loops in three rows. And again the clasp.


Sew buttons to the edges of the fasteners, which will fasten on the hinges on the free side of the canvas, on the other side of the handle - and the knitted cover is ready. You can tie several multi-colored sets and change them to your mood - just unbutton the button and remove the old one!

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