How to decorate a knitted hat

For a start, crochet a simple hat, starting from the top of the head. Dial a chain of 36 air loops and connect it into a ring, and then begin to tie the chain in a spiral with crocheted or crocheted columns. Add loops evenly along the helix so that you have a circle with a diameter of 10-12 cm.
Then link one row without additions, then link the series with the additions. Tie the cap to the desired size by finishing the knitting with a cloth of the desired width, knitted without increments. Cut and thread the thread.
Now take a yarn of a different color - for example, red and tie a hole in the top of the cap with the petals of the future rose. Divide the hole into three parts by twelve loops and tie the three lower petals into the inner half-chain, and then tie three more petals, tying the first row with single crochets into the outer half-chain.
Knit petals according to any scheme convenient for you. A small hole should remain between the petals - if desired, the tail can be released from the hair.
To trim the cap, tie a flat, embossed cord of green yarn of the desired length, and then tie three small green sheets to the relief.
Smooth the leaves from the seamy side with a warm iron, sew on the hat with a secret seam to match the thread and finally, sew between the leaves a stalk of a relief cord, guiding it the way you want. If necessary, thread a hat elastic in the hem of the cap.

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