How to cure a stutter in a child

Is it possible to cure a child's stuttering
In the fight against stuttering in children, the problem cannot be postponed; it is extremely important to start treatment on time until the speech defect has not strengthened. First of all, parents need to form their own rules for communicating with the child and correct their behavior.
Observe the daily routine is very important for kids with flaws of speech. Given the age of the child, watch his sleep, diet and walks. It is necessary to adhere to a quiet and calm psychological climate in the family, a stuttering child should not hear too loud tones in conversations. Protect your baby and from too much physical exertion - with signs of fatigue, let him rest. If he has various types of fears, such as fear of darkness, confined space, etc., one should not go against such a child, otherwise speech defects will only get worse.
How to treat baby stuttering at home
In families where there is a child with speech problems, adults should closely monitor their own speech. In no case do not scold the baby, if he slowly says something, do not rush. Adults should speak correctly themselves, words should be pronounced clearly, to avoid onomatopoeia. Never laugh at the wrong words, even if they seem really funny.
And, finally, we should not ignore the games - they will help with stuttering and help the parents in a great struggle, and they will give the child a lot of pleasure. Very good to help the game with ono-repeated and repeated repetitions. When a baby first pronounces a compound word or even a syllable, he will be happy and begin to repeat it often, and this is the first step towards overcoming shyness in communication. Playing with musical accompaniment is also considered effective: a distinct rhythm is suitable for clapping hands, slow music is good for singing and dancing. Good influence on the child memorizing rhymes with a clear rhythm. Developing proper breathing (inhaling and deep breathing out) is also crucial in dealing with speech problems.So that the child would not be bored to perform breathing, play games-competitions for blowing balloons or soap bubbles, blow off the races from the table with paper or cotton wool - all these games will bring good mood and benefits.
Proper communication with stuttering children will help eradicate speech defects, but if speech problems persist, be sure to consult a doctor.

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