How to cure a cold with beer?

Alcoholic beverages have long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases. How to cure a cold with a beer? There are several proven recipes.

Does beer help with colds?

Beer can really help to cope with a cold, and this is due to several properties of the drink, especially the heated one (heating is assumed by most of the available recipes).

  • First, warm drinking increases sweating and thereby normalizes body temperature.
  • Secondly, such a drink allows you to liquefy viscous sputum and quickly remove it from the bronchi and lungs.
  • Thirdly, it is worth noting the soft soothing and relaxing properties: after drinking a glass of beer, the patient will be able to fall asleep faster and harder.
  • And, finally, in the fourth, the substances that make up a natural foamy drink accelerate metabolic processes, have a tonic effect and even increase immunity.

Ways to use

How to use beer to treat colds? Consider a few effective recipes:

  1. You can use beer mulled wine. To do this, pour the beer into a heat-resistant container and put it on medium heat. When the formation of bubbles begins, you should add spices to the drink, for example, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, zest or citrus peel. When boiling is intensified, the mixture is removed from the stove; it is not necessary to bring it to a boil. Cover the container with a lid and allow the mulled wine to steep for a while and cool. You can drink 200-300 ml at a time.
  2. Hot beer with lemon will help speed recovery from colds. Heat 400-500 ml of drink to about 55-60 degrees and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Drink this tool preferably in the evening.
  3. To get rid of cough, you can prepare an effective folk remedy. In 500 ml of natural beer, add two tablespoons of chopped licorice roots, the same amount of dried lemon zest, and a teaspoon of anise seeds. Heat this mixture in a water bath for about an hour, then let it stand for another hour and drink warm throughout the day, dividing it in equal portions.
  4. With a cold beer is effective with honey. A glass of warmed drink requires a teaspoon of natural honey, preferably lime.
  5. To normalize the temperature and sleep better, you can mix in half a glass of warm beer and preheated milk. This mixture should be drunk half an hour before bedtime.
  6. And this recipe will help to cope with the pain, and both the head and the throat. Heat half a cup of beer to 60-65 degrees, dissolve two tablespoons of honey in it. Dampen a cloth or gauze in this liquid, roll it up, and apply it to the diseased area, covering it with cellophane and a scarf or handkerchief and leaving it to cool completely. Procedures are carried out before the endowment of well-being.

Using beer for colds, be careful and remember that the drink is alcoholic, so do not abuse it. It also has contraindications, such as diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Health to you!

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