How to crochet flowers?

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How to crochet flowers?

Knitting is a kind of needlework that allows you to have a good time, relax, and at the end of work enjoy your own creativity. Made in this technique, flowers can be a great addition to the interior or a stylish decoration. In the article we will share with you several interesting master classes on how to crochet flowers.


We offer you to get started with a simple chamomile knitting scheme. In order to crochet such a flower will need:

  • one wooden bead (diameter 14 mm);
  • yellow and white cotton threads;
  • hook number 0.9-1.

Making a flower

  1. Getting started on a flower with knitting the middle. Take the bead and wind it with yellow thread. From the thread we make a ring, in the middle of which we knit 6 columns without single crochet. Pulling the non-working end of the thread, we tighten the ring. We knit the second row, knitting two crochets without crochet through each loop. In this way we tie the whole bead.
  2. Go to knitting petals. The white thread is fixed at the base of the bead.We knit a chain of 10 air loops. If you want toCrochet flowersthe petals were longer, increase the number of loops. Using the semi-column attach them to the bead. Knit the same petals around the perimeter of the beads.
  3. We give the petals a volume by tying the already tied petals with single crochets. Transitions between the petals are knotted with a semi-column.
  4. When all the petals are ready, fasten the ends of the thread on the inside and trim them.
  5. The flower is ready! You can sew it to the hair tie or use it as a bead component.

Another original version of making chamomile can be found in the article How to crochet a flower.

Bulk flowers

Using the hook, you can also associate bulk flowers. This flower can serve as a complement to clothing or bags For work you will need:

  • knitting yarn for three colors (middle and two types of yarn per petals);
  • hook, the size of which depends on the thickness of the thread.


  1. Tie a chain of 4 air loops and lock it into a ring. Tie the ring with 12 double crochets.
  2. Crochet only the front part of the outer loops with single crochets.Crochet flowersThen make a second round, knitting only under the rear edge.
  3. Go to the white thread. Bundle crochet under the back of the loop. Make three air loops and start to knit loops behind the back of the two columns without crochet.
  4. Now we will knit petals only for the front part of the loop. Above the first loop, make a chain of 4 air loops, and from the next - knit 4 crochets. Pull the loop and unload it from the hook.
  5. Insert the hook into the gap between the air chain and the first column. Catch and pull the loop.
  6. Tie a loop. Tie a chain of 4 air loops.
  7. From the next loop, tie 4 columns without single crochet. We succeededCrochet flowersfirst petal.
  8. So knit all the petals. Work with a white thread finished.
  9. Take a thread of a different color. Insert a hook into one of the loops of the outer edge of the middle. And in the same way, tie the inner row of petals. You managed to crochet a voluminous flower.

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