How to create a schedule?

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How to create a schedule?

Many companies prefer to organize work with tabular data using excel. Often, for clarity, there is a need to create a variety of graphics. Using special software tools make it incredibly easy. Our article will help you deal with the question of how to create a graph in excel.

Creating a schedule

  1. To begin with, create a new file and enter the data into it that will be used when building the data in a table.
  2. Select an array of data on which we will build a chart.
  3. Click on the "Insert" tab. In its middle part you will find a block dedicated to diagrams. Here we immediately choose the type we need from the proposed ones: histogram, graph, line, with areas, scatter. If you need a standard graph in the form of a broken line, select the "Graph" item.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select the appearance of the graph, focusing on the icons.
  5. The graph is automatically displayed on the screen. The names of the columns will be indicated on the abscissa axis, and the numerical intervals of the row values ​​will be indicated on the ordinate axis.The values ​​of the lines themselves are shown as curves.
  6. If you are satisfied with the appearance of the schedule, save the document, otherwise proceed to editing it.
  7. Click the left mouse button once on the chart. The top panel displays tools for working with the chart. In the second part of it there is an icon that will help to change the values ​​in places: the row names will be plotted on the abscissa, and the column values ​​will be shown as broken lines. In the third block, you can choose a layout to modify the appearance of the graph. Samples of the fourth block will help to quickly change the color scheme of the chart.
  8. You can also edit individual components of the graphic: each line, legend, name. To do this, click on the item you are interested in and select the items you want to change in the drop-down menu.

Working with diagrams in this program is very reasonable. That is why creating a graph in excel is so easy.

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