How to cook tomato sauce

How to cook tomato sauceHow to cook tomato sauce, because it is an important part of most vegetable canned snacks. So, canned foods from sliced ​​vegetables in circles contain it from 22 to 40%, from stuffed vegetables - 30 -36%, from sliced ​​vegetables - 29 -42%.
Raw material The main components of the tomato sauces recipes are 8% or 12% tomato puree, sugar; salt, flour and spices.


Preparation of raw materials. Tomato puree is usually taken directly from the vacuum-drawn stations of tomato lines in the period of coincidence of the season of processing vegetables and tomatoes. In the autumn-winter period and before the tomatoes are delivered to the plant, tomato puree and tomato paste are used for aseptic canning or packaged for own use in large tin containers 15 and glass jars with a capacity of 10 dm.3.


If tomato paste is used to make tomato sauce, then the corresponding recipe for tomato puree will be


Banks with tomato paste are pre-washed outside, opened, removed the contents. Dilute with water to a mass fraction of dry substances of 8-12% and pass through a wiping machine with a hole diameter of 0.8 mm.


Technological process.Sugar, salt of the highest grade, flour of not less than grade I is passed through a sieve with a magnetic trap


MPM-800 or through a centrifugal vertical sifter P2-P with a screen size of not more than 2 mm. Flour is additionally dried on the KPP-1 steam cooker at a steam temperature of 110-115 ° C for 10-15 minutes to a slightly cream color. Spices (allspice and black pepper) milled are sieved through a wire sieve with a hole diameter of 0.5–0.8 mm, passed through a magnetic separator, packed in containers 1–82–500, hermetically sealed and, in order to reduce dissemination, are sterilized in an autoclave at 120 ° C.


Technique cooking tomato sauce next. Initially, a tomato torus is loaded into a double-walled boiler or reactor, heated to boiling, and sugar, salt and flour prepared and mixed together are added, boiled for 5-10 minutes. Spices are added at the end of cooking and filtered through a sieve with cells of 0.8-1.2 mm. The mass fraction of dry substances is controlled by a refractometer.


The formulations of tomato sauces for different groups of vegetable canned snacks are somewhat different in composition and mass fraction of components.


For children's canned food, used as a second lunch dishes, prepare white, tomato and sour cream sauces.


The composition of these sauces include butter, sugar, salt, flour.12% tomato puree is added to tomato sauce, and sour cream is added to sour cream sauce. White sauce is prepared in broth, and tomato and sour cream by dissolving the components in water. The technique of cooking sauces for canned children is similar to the preparation of tomato sauce.

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