How to cook pilaf correctly with chicken, Uzbek, from pork, beef, in multivark

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How to cook pilaf delicious.

Rice is the main source of food for many peoples of the world, and to be more precise, for more than 60% of all people in the world. Yes, its prevalence is so high, due to the low purchase price and relatively simple cultivation, that is, rice is not very picky about climate change. The main requirement in the cultivation of rice is marshland and water, and once again water. It is clear that because rice is so common, then the types of cooking pilaf from it have more than one dozen recipes that dazzle and lure their diversity.

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How to cook pilau correctly and tasty

We all know that before cooking rice should be rinsed well with water to remove a kind of powder or rice flour.It is she who, when cooked, can make rice bitter and tasteless. Rinse the rice with water and salt, it will help to get rid of this flour. For 1 kg of rice - 1 tablespoon of salt.

Many recipes for plov cooking can confuse us and get completely confused in the traditions and customs of different nations. Therefore, learn all the classic recipes for cooking pilaf, and choose for yourself the one that will appeal to you and your family. Bon Appetit!

How to cook real delicious pilaf

In order to cook a delicious pilaf, you need to prepare rice, first you need to choose the groats suitable for the dish that you want to get in the end.

  1. Rice grains should be whole, not broken or easily crumbling, but whole and translucent;
  2. It is necessary to avoid the stickiness of rice, by careful washing and further soaking rice (at least 2 hours);
  3. Do not mix different types of rice.

Pilau is a real duet consisting of zirvak (meat, fish, dried fruits, spices, sauces) and rice. Also, small pieces of minced meat wrapped in a grape leaf can serve as a zirvac.Of course, most of the pilaf is rice.

By the way, you can warm up the cold pilaf by sprinkling it with fresh onions, then the fact that the pilaf is not “from the heat, from the heat” becomes almost imperceptible.
If, suddenly, you have oversalt plov (with whom it does not happen), then it is possible to get out of the current situation by adding butter, at the rate of 1 tsp for 1 portion.

Meat for pilaf should be washed in water, the temperature of which is 25-30 C, since such water and fat does not melt, and all unnecessary dust and dirt is effectively washed away.
Before you start cooking, obviously, fat pilaf, do not forget to put peeled potatoes on the bottom of the cauldron. It is the potato that will remove excess fat that neither you nor your guests will like.

For Uzbek pilaf, peas are soaked only in cold water, or they are already soaked. Wash cauldron always clean, otherwise there is a risk that your pilaf will burn. Delicious pilaf is a separate concept for each nation, because everyone has their own secrets and traditions of making this pilaf. Let's figure out the best of its technologies. Of course, it is the Uzbeks who consider themselves, by the way, by right the best swimmer.After all, their hospitality has no boundaries, as well as portions of pilaf, which they fill their guests.

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