How to cook banosh in Transcarpathian?

Transcarpathian Banos is a dish of the peoples of Eastern Europe, which has been very popular for many years. Tasty, rich and nutritious food is the best suited for the cold season, especially in our harsh climate. In this article we will explain how to cook banosh on sour cream and reveal the subtleties of this wonderful dish, which goes far back into history.

Banosh recipe with photos
Nutritious banosh: recipe with photos
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Milk400 millilitersMilk100 gramsCorn grits200 gramsSour cream500 milliliters1 pinch
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:20 minutes

Transcarpathian Banosh: Ingredients

It has long been believed that banosh should be prepared only by men. And the taste of this dish is truly masculine - juicy, rich! But times have changed, women can cook it, it turns out that this bangash is no less tasty. A little secret that really allows you to change the taste of the finished dish is the use of exclusively homemade products.

Can you find homemade sour cream and milk, or replace them with purchased ones, but what you need to make a banosh, the recipe for which with the photo you now know:

  • Milk - 400 ml (choose the highest fat content).

  • Sour cream - 500 ml.

  • Cornmeal very fine grinding - 200 g

  • Sheep cheese - 100 g

  • Salt to taste.

Stock up on the right foods and read about how to make a banosh at home so that it is as tasty as the indigenous people of Eastern Europe.

It is best to cook banosh on the fire, but if you are limited by your cuisine, then prepare a cauldron - it will give you the opportunity to change the taste of the finished dish.

How to cook banosh in Transcarpathian?

So, let's start cooking, we guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple and fast this culinary masterpiece is:

  1. In a cauldron, heat 50–80 ml of water, let it boil. Add sour cream and milk, mix thoroughly, but do not bring to a boil. It is enough to heat the mixture to 80 degrees.

  2. Pour into the cauldron grits, salt. Do not forget to constantly stir the mass. Cauldron should stand on medium heat.

  3. When you see that the cereal is moving away from the walls, then your banosh is ready! Pour the cereal on a plate, and put the chopped cheese on top!

Very well banosh is combined with cracklings, with pickled or pickled mushrooms, with greens. If you want to simplify the cooking process, you can find the recipe for banosh in a slow cooker. It is not very different from the original, but will allow you to save time. However, we recommend boiling banosh on fire, the only way you can feel the deep taste of this delicacy.

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