How to connect heated seats?

December 22, 2014
How to connect heated seats?

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How to connect heated seats?

Such a function as heated seats, brings comfort to any car owner in the cold season. However, before it will be possible to enjoy the heat in the car, you must also install heating. In this regard, we consider how to connect heated seats.

Instructions for connecting the heater

Before connecting the heating system, it is necessary to dismantle the seats and remove the upholstery and, if necessary, remove the old heating systems.

Many modern machines now have a standard heating system, but in most cases it is unreliable and can wear out quickly, as it is made of foam rubber.

As you take off the trim, be careful with the connecting rings. They need to be gently hooked with pliers so as not to tear the upholstery.

  1. After removing the standard system, fasten the elements of the new heating system, hiding, if necessary, the extra parts under the support rollers.
  2. The wire that moves away from the elements, you need to stretch between the back and seat.
  3. When installing the seats will need to replace the old switch on the one that came with a set of heating system. It remains only to connect the wires from the heating system to the cigarette lighter or car radio.
  4. When you put on the upholstery again, see that the rings are tightly connected.

This is how you can easily and quickly connect heated seats. Moreover, if the heated seats are equipped with a special remote control, then you will not even have to connect the wires, as the power will come from the remote control.

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