How to conduct an electrician

You will need
  • master plan apartment in multiple copies, shield, wiring, sockets, moisture-proof sockets, protective disconnect devices, switches for lighting devices, wall chaser, respirator, perforator, water, plaster, corrugated pipe, fasteners, overalls, installation tools
Find out if it is possible to install electrical wiring in your home by yourself. If not, contact the appropriate organization.
If you have an old house, you must dismantle the old wiring. Also, before the start of installation work, you need to remove all decorative elements.
After this, it is necessary to outline the location of the electric routes (from the panel to the switches and sockets). Try to make as few turns as possible. It is also necessary to note on a separate plan their passage, so that later it can be easily dismantled.
Using the outlined lines, make the grooves (recesses for the wiring hidden in the wall) and the recesses for sockets and switches using the wall chaser and punch. Use a respirator.
Moisten the grooves with plenty of water and apply plaster.
Cut the corrugated pipes, insert the cables in them.
After the gypsum has dried, place the pipes in the gates, fastening them with nails.
Connect safety relays, sockets and switches to the electrical paths.
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Do not start working with electrical wiring until you are familiar with all safety regulations.
Helpful advice
In the bathroom, toilet and kitchen, use moisture-proof sockets. In the kitchen, where there are a lot of electrical appliances, it is better to make a large number of outlets (more than 10). Otherwise, you will need to connect several devices to one outlet, which will create a load on it. If you have a wooden house.

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