How to clean the emerald?

Jewels with precious stones make our life brighter. They decorate the image, emphasize the status and even, according to ancient legends, protect houses and destinies. The noble shine of precious metals and precious stones pleases the eye. In order for this brilliance to bring joy to the maximum and not be erased over the years, the decorations must be properly looked after.

In order for emerald rings, earrings, bracelets or even necklaces to captivate others with a noble shine as long as possible, they must be properly looked after and followed.

Emerald is a beautiful noble mineral, which is encrusted with jewelry. It emphasizes the color of the eyes of brunettes and redheads, emphasizes the gentle tones of blondes, gives the mood to the owners of the jewelry, and others.

And, like a noble stone, the emerald needs regular care and cleaning. To please you, but not disappoint you, follow the precautions and follow simple tips in the care of this mineral.

How to clean the emerald?

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Emerald Home Care Tips

If you are concerned about the care of jewelry with emerald stone at home, remember a few important features of this mineral.

  • Emerald is a fragile stone and is easily scratched. This stone manifests itself whimsically and easily loses its brilliance and brightness when interacting with certain liquids or steam. In case the product, in addition to emerald, is decorated with other gems with different characteristics, it is recommended to contact the jewelers to clean the product. However, every time during the prophylactic removal of dirt or dust, it is impossible to apply to the jewelry salon, and it is unlikely to be avoided gentle home cleaning at home. In this case, be sure to follow the following instructions, then your stones will shine with all their magnificence for many years.
  • Wipe all items with a clean piece of flannel cloth before cleaning the product. So you remove the surface layer of dust and dirt and do not scratch the mineral.
  • If after this light polishing the product glitters and shines like new, then the pollution is minimal, and you can stop there.In order not to bring serious purges to jewelers or at home, but with the use of special cleaning agents, professionals recommend carrying out a surface cleaning every time after you take off the decoration with an emerald.
How to clean the emerald?

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  • If the shine is not restored, prepare a weak soap solution. Dissolve a little soap in room temperature water and dip a product with a stone into it for a few minutes. If necessary, rub the surface of the stone inside the mortar with a soft cloth or a very soft toothbrush. Rinse under cool running water (so that the decoration does not leak with the water, do not forget to close the drain beforehand).
  • If you need serious measures, for example, to clear the fat, use gasoline. Apply some gasoline on a cotton swab and gently wipe only the stones. Try not to fall on the metal, since neither gold, nor platinum, nor silver do not favor such a contact. After treating the emerald with gasoline, wash the product in cold water and dry it by wrapping it with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use brushes, pastes or powders for cleaning products with emeralds.Pastes and powders scratch the sensitive surface of the stones.
  • Jewelers do not recommend the use of steam in cleaning jewelry, inlaid with emeralds: this stone does not like hot processing and will fade.

When cutting and industrial processing, emerald is covered with special cosmetic cedar oil, which protects against damage and fixes shine.

Over time, the oil is gradually erased, and in order to prolong the life and brilliance of the stone, the emerald polish must be renewed every ten to twelve years.

Yes, the emerald, as we found out, is moody in the care, but it is not difficult to clean it at home. If you carefully and, most importantly, wisely care for these green pebbles, jewelry with emeralds will continue to delight you and those around you with truly magical brilliance.

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