How to choose wedding rings

Wedding rings - the main attribute of a wedding celebration. Pre-wedding preparation becomes an important task, and if it is not too difficult to decorate a car, then choosing a wedding ring is not an easy task.

The first thing to remember when choosing - an engagement ring is worn on the right hand - the ancient Romans believed that inside the ring finger there is a vein of love that goes straight to the heart. Despite the fact that the hands of a man are the same, the size of the fingers on two hands may be slightly different, such is physiology. Therefore, you should try on the jewelry on the finger on which you will wear it.


Here are some simple secrets to help you choose the right wedding rings.

How to choose a wedding ring

How to find out the size of an engagement ring - this question most often arises in men who want to make their lover a surprise.

Since the size of the rings are in 0.5 steps, it is very important to determine exactly which one is right for your lady.Of course, in the jewelry store without any problems will change the inappropriate decoration, that's only from the surprise will not remain the expected emotions.

The size of the ring is the inside diameter, not the circumference, as many mistakenly believe.


Here such a simple table will help you to clearly understand the difference between ornaments of similar sizes.


So, to find out the size of your lady's ring, you can:

  1. Measure the available ring, which the girl usually wears on the ring finger.
  2. Measure the circumference of the finger. Experienced consultants in the store can easily calculate the size of the jewelry according to the data presented - for this you need to divide the length of the thread by Pi = 3.14.
  3. Trying on the girl’s ring on your little finger - where it is stuck, that place will help you choose the wedding ring in the store.

What should be a wedding ring - a purely individual decision of the couple, because the lifestyle and preferences of each of us are unique. The design of wedding ornaments can be classic or carry some sense for the two of you.

Compare how the original lovers and classic rings look different.


Rings for the wedding by tradition should be gold,but modern youth often make a choice in favor of unusual decorations from a variety of metals.


Look at the photo of wedding rings - is it possible to refuse such beauty?


Another important point when choosing rings for lovers - stones. It is worth remembering that large stones can interfere in everyday life, such accessories are suitable for events. But for every day and as a wedding ring, the one on which miniature stones are absent or neatly arranged are suitable.


As you can see, the choice of wedding rings today is huge, and it depends only on your taste, what will be the decoration.

The problem of combining male and female wedding rings today is no longer worth it, because in any online store you can find the most appropriate male style for a female ring; the color of the metal, stones, engraving of paired rings will be kept in the same style.

Wedding Band Engraving

The inscriptions on the wedding rings have long become commonplace. Almost all the newlyweds want to have an engraving on their jewelry. In this way, you can express the love words of the second half or simply perpetuate promises to respect each other.

The inscriptions can be very different - from names to entire stories or prayers in Russian, Latin and other languages ​​(see our photo selection of wedding decorations).


Here are a few examples of what inscriptions on wedding rings can be:

  • No one except you.
  • Happy together.
  • So destined. Olga + Dmitry. 07/20/2016
  • Amor omnibus idem - Love is the same for everyone (I love, like the others).
  • Aeterna historia - the story is eternal.
  • In aeternum - forever.

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