How to choose rubber boots

How to choose rubber bootsHow to choose rubber boots

To survive the autumn slush without health consequences, you must have rubber boots in your wardrobe. Besides the fact that this practical waterproof footwear will save your feet from dampness, it will allow to keep intact demi-leather leather boots, which quickly deteriorate from dirt. How to choose high-quality and practical rubber boots?


Choosing rubber boots



Pay attention to the sole of the boots. It should have a relief pattern. Otherwise, you will glide through puddles and ice, which is often hidden under water.


Inspect the boots themselves. If rubber has bloatedness, cracks, roughness, scratches or chipped paint, then such a product will leak water. If there are seams on the boot, they should be even and neat. Often rubber boots have sewn zipper. Wearing such shoes is more convenient, but keep in mind that if water reaches the clasp, your feet will get wet.


Look at the textile inserts that has the boot, and on its lining.It is better if they are made of natural materials. Also note the quality of gluing rubber and textiles. The joints must be flat and waterproof.


Carefully check the junction of the sole and the boot itself. If there are cracks, folds and non-glued places, such shoes will leak water. This is important when choosing rubber boots.


Try on rubber boots. Keep in mind that if rubber shoes are small, then it does not spread over time. Wear boots on a sock, better woolen, because a thin sock may not be enough to protect against the autumn cold. Very good option for cool weather - boots with fur or felt pad-boot. This boot can be removed and worn with shoes. However, in the cold, thanks to this gasket, the feet will be warm and comfortable.


Select the pattern on the boots. If you wear bright autumn clothes, then rubber boots are better to choose a strict color. In the event that your wardrobe is solid, choose shoes with spectacular prints.


After bringing the boots home, first of all check the rubber boots for tightness - put in a basin with water.If the moisture does not penetrate inside - you can safely wear them in wet weather. Now you can safely go to the store and buy rubber boots, how to choose you already know.

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