How to choose eye liner?

Beautiful, smooth arrows - make-up classic. But many girls refuse them because they are afraid to use the most popular colors of the liner - black and brown. They seem too bright, noticeable and even challenging. And they really are not for everyone. Today we decided to help you with advice on choosing a liner for eye color. Take note, and then the arrows will look attractive and luxurious.

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The liner really has its advantages. First, the right shade will make your eyes brighter and more expressive. And it can also make their color more saturated and deep, thus easily creating a make-up accent.

Let's figure out which of the liners is suitable for whom?


It seems you can drown in them. Some people compare them with the sky, others with the sea, but the fact remains that they are fascinating, like precious topazes. Makeup artists recommend their owners to try to play on the contrast, choosing a copper or gold eyeliner. It will give warmth to the cold blue and make the look more attractive.

If you put this on the upper eyelid, you will notice that the expressiveness is not enough, then you can apply a color line to the inner part of the lower eyelid.

Those who love brighter, you can afford to emphasize the natural tone of the dark blue arrow or choose a catchy terracotta.


The best option in this case is red. Do not be afraid. There are a huge number of podtones, therefore, a properly selected and approached you are obliged to settle in a cosmetic bag.

But be careful, those lines "lonely" along the eyelash growth can create the effect of "tired red eyes". Therefore, make-up artists recommend drawing a thin black line first, and experimenting with bright shades over it.

Of the quieter options fit brown and purple.


Owners of such eyes have a unique opportunity to be different. If you want to give a look to the blue glow, then all those tones that are used in the case with blue eyes will do. Those who are leaning towards green should take a closer look at the lines of garnet and amethyst tones.


Girls with dark eyes are lucky, because they can see a lot of highlights and shades. And this means that it is they who have the freedom of choice.

The easiest option is brown, it will become an element of restrained makeup, and purple and cobalt will give an additional depth to the look.

Learning to use the liner is not so easy, so if you can’t draw even lines from the first time, try making strokes. Hold your hand so that the elbow rests on some support. If you want the cosmetic to last longer, gently apply a thin layer of colorless powder on top.

Known to all the black liner, which is often called the classic of Hollywood, can afford almost any girl. But it is worth remembering that he makes his eyes visually narrower and smaller, so you should not overdo it.

Listening to these simple tips, you can easily make your look irresistible. Be beautiful!

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