How to choose and wear a sotuar?

Sometimes accessories do not just complement the image, but also complete it, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the disadvantages. And if you want to look elegant, luxurious and stylish, then pay attention to such an original thing as a sotuar.

What is a sotuar?

Sotuar is a decoration that is worn around the neck and has a considerable length, often exceeding 80-90 centimeters. It can be presented in the form of a chain or beads, including from several connected threads. For decoration can be used rhinestones, various pendants, brushes, large beads or stones, and much more, depending on the style and theme of the accessory.

But what is different from the more popular and popular coulombs and necklaces? First, the length: the accessory can be longer than the deepest and frank cleavage and reach the waist. Secondly, sotuaries are worn a little differently: the main part can be located not in the front, but in the back or be slung over the shoulder. By the way, the name comes from the French phrase "porter en sautoire", which translates as "worn over the shoulder."

Interestingly: as a rule, the sock is located in the area of ​​the main decor, and this allows the other part to move forward, not being afraid that it will look sloppy because of the outstanding hardware.

When did the first ones appear?

Ornaments that fit the definition of a sotuar, almost always existed. But it is generally accepted that the period of the appearance of the first full-fledged accessories, which possessed all the characteristic features, is the 20s of the last century.

It was in those days that the fashion underwent global changes, and the boyish type of a female figure, ultra-short hairstyles of a square a la garzon, as well as short dresses with a low waist, deep neckline or cut-outs on the back became actual. Such trends literally demanded new accessories that would emphasize femininity, despite the traced boyish traits.

Wearing sotuaries required women to be resolute and courageous, and it was such women who were the first to use jewelry and literally introduced fashion to them in the broad masses. Many wore the accessory carelessly, as if emphasizing freedom of action and speech.With one easy movement, he was thrown over his shoulder so that he hung down on his back.

And according to another version the name comes from the word "sauter", which can be translated as "jump" or "jumping". When walking, the sotoir really had the ability to jump to the rhythm of the steps, and during the dancing literally flew and whirled with the lady.

How to choose a suitable accessory?

To make an accessory harmoniously fit into the image, you need to make the right choice. And it is very difficult to decide among the variety represented by modern designers, but it is still possible if you know some rules or tricks.

Consider several options for the design of sotuars and their relevance:

  • A playful beaded sotuar will be a great match and will complement the dress in the original style in a boho style.
  • A luxury accessory with large stones will fit into a no less elegant evening toilet. Ideal - a combination with a dress in the floor with a fully open back. But since this particular feature will be an accent, the presence of other bright details and abundant decor is not welcomed.
  • A discreet pearl sauver in the form of one or more yarns can be worn with a dress-case.In this case, the image will be elegant and not flashy.
  • An interesting sotuar with a brush can complement a cocktail dress or an unusual vintage. In addition, this accessory will organically fit into the image in the style of "the great Gatsby."
  • Negroid decoration, supplemented with rhinestones or small stones, can be worn with a frank dress, which has a deep V-neck. In this case, the accessory should completely overlap it and go down below - up to the waist or even to the hips.
  • Sotuar, made in the form of bright beads or several chains, can complement a simple dress, for example, fitted knitwear.

Use correctly

How and with what to wear such an interesting jewelry as a fashionable Sotuar? The most obvious and popular option is the combination with the dress. Depending on the design and on the location and depth of the neckline, you can place the accessory both at the front in the neckline and at the back on the back.

Modern girls love to experiment and often do it very skillfully, and designers take on some bold ideas. Therefore, it is possible to try to enter the sotoir into the everyday image and put it on top or jumper and jeans, a pencil skirt or a new look.You can try to make an interesting set with a blouse: the decoration will somewhat soften the severity of such a thing and emphasize femininity.

There are more original ways. For example, a sotuar, wound on a hand and gently falling on the wrist, will look no less beautiful and interesting. Also with the help of this accessory you can decorate your handbag by winding it on the handle or attaching it to another element of the decor. And, finally, decoration with your easy feed will turn into a feminine and original belt, which will complement any modest dress and make the image provocative or luxurious.

Tip: never forget the rule of relevance. If at a high society party, corporate party, party, or meeting, a sotuar comes in very handy and makes you a queen, then you shouldn't wear such decoration for work or important meetings, it will distract from the main thing and help you to be perceived as a frivolous and windy person.

If you do not have a fashionable soot, then definitely buy it and try to combine it with different components of your wardrobe!

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