How to choose air conditioning in the apartment

How to choose an air conditioner in an apartment photo, how to choose an air conditioner correctly, what type of companyWhich company choose the right air conditioner, what type, options.

If you want to buy a quality air conditioner for yourself, which will meet all the highest requirements and will serve you for a long time, you should familiarize yourself with certain instructions in order to make the right choice, because there are air conditioners - split systems, multisplit system, channel split system, mobile the conditioner, the window conditioner - how not to get confused in this variety?


What type of air conditioner to choose in the apartment correctly



Surely, everyone knows this type of air conditionersplit system. This type is one of the most common types among household air conditioners. Its design consists in the fact that in this system there are two blocks that are interconnected by copper pipes.The external unit must be installed on the outside of the room or on the side of the balcony wall, but the second one must be mounted directly in the ventilation room itself. The compressor, or the main source of noise should be located in the outdoor unit, which eliminates noise in the room itself. But it is worth knowing that one such split-system will cool only one room.


A simple solution can be for everyone to install one split-system in each room of your apartment or house, then air purification and cooling is provided securely throughout the room. But it still happens that a person does not have the opportunity to place several outdoor units, and moreover, it is still not worthwhile to draw the attention of others to your apartment. A different way can cope with this problem, or another type of air conditioners ismultisplit-system. The main feature of this system is that from two to nine internal can be connected to one outdoor unit.


If the placement in the indoor units is not suitable for your interior, then you can resort to the third type of air conditioners -channel split system. Her work will consist in the fact that the channel indoor unit is placed behind a hemmed or suspended ceiling, where the air distribution takes place through the air intake systems, which are usually located there.


The advantage of this type of air conditioner is that there is a unique opportunity to supply fresh air from the street in the volumes that are necessary for proper and full ventilation of the room. But still there is a minus for this system - here it is impossible to regulate the temperature of the supplied air, but the installation and purchase of such an air conditioner will cost a decent amount. Think, can choose a different air conditioner in the apartment.


But if you have such a situation that you are not going to stay for a long time at this place, but you need air conditioning, then you can turn your attention to the fourth type of air conditioning -mobile air conditioner. This type is installed on the floor, which has a flexible duct from half to one and a half meters long.


This outlet is necessary in order to remove warm air from the room through a hole in the wall or a vent.But there are drawbacks to this system as well - the presence of excessive noise and high cost in comparison with an ordinary split-system.


The oldest type of air conditioner may not interest you at all -window air conditioner. After all, due to the fact that the compressor is located indoors, the increased noise prevails here - this is the main drawback of this type of air conditioner. But the price may be quite interesting, as it is not expensive.


Air conditioning which company to choose



Firms manufacturers of air conditioners photoAll brands of air conditioners that are on the market are divided into three main categories:

1.Elite group. This includes air conditioners that are manufactured in high-tech Japanese companies. Their cost comes from 800 to 1200 dollars. Their average power is 2W, and they have a number of advantages: reliability, service life of at least 12 or 15 years, protection system against improper operation, as well as stable operation in a wide temperature range. This group mainly includes brands Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Toshiba.


2.Air conditioners of middle class. They often have a simplified protective system, as well as a shorter service life. The cost of such air conditioners varies between 700 or 900 dollars for a domestic air conditioner with a power of 2 watts.This air-conditioning brands Panasonic, Hitachi, Sanyo, Sharp.


3.Economy air conditioners. Their service life is about seven years, the percentage of rejects can be one or two percent, and their work occurs in a narrower range. The cost of these air conditioners can be 400 or 700 dollars. Famous brands of such conditioners are LG, Haier, Jax, Midea.


What model of air conditioner to choose



The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing an air conditioner is itspower. A rough calculation is 1W per ten square meters of space. In order to calculate more accurate calculations, it is necessary to measure the windows, to which directions of the world they go out, the number of available electrical appliances in a given room, the purpose of the room. To do this, it is best to invite a qualified specialist who will be able to tell you exactly all the data and be able to calculate the air conditioner with the power with which you need.


The second thing to notice ispresence of inverter. If finances allow you, then you should choose the model of the air conditioner with him. The inverter is a special electronic device that allows you to adjust the power of the air conditioner smoothly and without interruption.If you chose an air conditioner with an inverter, then be sure that the temperature is maintained accurately, as well as the silent operation of the air conditioner in your room.


Each type of air conditioner has a function such asheating function. But still it is worth deciding whether you need this feature. After all, it helps maintain heat and warm the room only in off-season times, but if the temperature drops to minus ten degrees, the air conditioner and this function will not help you.


And, of course - when choosing an air conditioner in the apartment, pay attention tonoise levelhim while working. You should definitely find out which air conditioner will work quieter, because in this way you will not be able to ruin the lives of yourself and your neighbors.


Very often, many manufacturers offer additional systems such asionizers, filters that purify the air, enrich the air with oxygen. But still you should not expect a lot from these functions, so do not fall for the trick of sellers when they talk about these systems.


Installation and operation of air conditioning in the apartment



Now that you have made your choice, it's worth talking about installing and operating the air conditioner.
Before you buy an air conditioner, be sure to find out if the company where you buy it has a specialservice maintenance, because buying an air conditioner without a guarantee of installation and hiring installers for this can lead to sad consequences, and you will lose time for searching for craftsmen. Statistics show that more than 80% of all breakdowns of split-systems occur due to improper installation. And this already says a lot. Therefore, it is important to know not only how to choose the air conditioner in the apartment correctly, but also about the proper installation and operation.


If you want your chosen air conditioner to serve you for a long time, then you shouldn’t forget about regularservice. To do this, it is necessary at the very beginning of the season to call in specialists so that they can clean the entire system. They should not only clean, but also diagnose and refuel the air conditioner with freon. Service is carried out once a year. And it is also necessary every two or three weeks to clean the filters, which are located in the indoor unit under the front panel. But for this you do not need to call in specialists, you can handle it yourself.Now pick up a suitable air conditioner - split systems, multisplit system, duct split systems, window air conditioners and mobile air conditioners, pick up the appropriate functionality and you can order directly through online stores - it will be cheaper. Good luck.

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