How to choose a steamer for the house?

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How to choose a steamer for the house?

Before telling how to choose a steamer for the house, find out how it is better than traditional irons. The most important difference is that during operation the steamer has no contact with the fabric, which means it is practically not damaged. To completely eliminate the negative impact on the fabric will not work because of the effect on the fibers of the jets of hot steam. However, they act so carefully that wear is minimal. Another advantage of steamers over irons is that with their help it is easy to iron out such complicated things as curtains, curtains, etc.

What steamer buy for home

So that the device for steaming clothes does not give you trouble and was flawless in operation, it is necessary to consider the following criteria when choosing.

Steam power

With a criterion such as power, the steamer at the steamer and its speed. The more powerful the device, the faster it will cope with the task and will not have restrictions on the types of tissue.A universal indicator is a figure of 1800 watts and above. Such devices easily iron complicated things, coarse fabrics and even clean car upholstery. Steamers with a capacity of 1400-1600 Watts are mainly found among manual models, more comfortable for traveling than for home.

Number of modes

Depending on the model, the steamer can have from 3 to 10 modes. The more of them, the more professional the device. However, for more features will have to pay more.

Steam ironing material

Irons from the steamers can have a plastic or metal surface. The latter heats up better, which means it acts more effectively on the folds.

Type of water used in the work

For the operation of the steamer, water is poured into its tank, and for many models it is of fundamental importance whether it will be simple or distilled. Expensive models are less fastidious and work on ordinary tap water. Therefore, it is important to consider exactly where you are ready to save money - on the purchase of the device itself or on the water, which you will then buy for it.

Availability of accessories

Many people want to buy a steamer with additional accessories.What are they and what are they for?

  • Trouser clip. This nozzle helps to create arrows on trousers or folds on skirts.
  • Cover for collars and pockets. It is enclosed on the reverse side and will allow the collars and pockets not to lose shape when steaming.
  • Brush. With its help, the fabric is cleaned from small villi.
  • Mitten. Protects your hand from hot steam, which is especially convenient when working with small things.
  • Hangers for clothes. They allow you to conveniently place a thing, fixing it securely in one position.

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