How to choose a leather jacket for a man

How to choose a leather jacket for a manThe history of a leather jacket contains not one decade. But if earlier this garment was perceived as a military uniform or a uniform of bikers, rockers and other extreme people, today, thanks to numerous experiments of designers, leather jackets are present in the wardrobe of every man and allow creating a variety of images.

"Kosuhi", "bombers", motorcycle jackets, coats and trench - this is not a complete list of existing models. All of them differ in a style, length, a type and quality of the used material, and also quantity of accessories. In this diversity it is important to choose a product that will not only meet the requirements for its quality, but also match the manner of dressing and the type of figure of its owner.


Any clothes should emphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of the figure of the one who wears it. That is why when choosing it is extremely important to take into account the peculiarities of your physique.For example, it is better for full men to refuse to purchase a windbreaker, as it has a tight-fitting silhouette. But the "bomb" or "crook", thanks to a freer cut, will make the figure slimmer.

Trench coats will look great on thin men, and men's leather jackets in a straight classic style will suit absolutely everyone. However, the representatives of the stronger sex with a small growth should avoid elongated models.


Since a good leather jacket costs a lot of money, it must necessarily fit into the rest of the wardrobe. So, the shortened motorbike does not blend well with everyday things and is more suitable for a sports style of clothes. And the "scythe" and "bomb", on the contrary, are perfectly combined with jeans, sweaters and shirts.

Jackets and trench coats are suitable for a more formal style. However, the shirt and tie can always be combined with other options, only the tie should preferably be narrow.


Choosing the outer clothing, you should always rely on the color scheme of all other things in the wardrobe. Despite the fact that black is considered a classic and successfully combined with most shades, for men who prefer warm, muted tones, the best option would be a brown or beige leather jacket.

Leather jackets of black color will fit particularly well in a bright or black and white wardrobe. And for fans to stand out from the crowd there are models of all colors of the rainbow. The main thing is not to forget that this color suggests a casual, casual style.

In addition, when choosing a leather jacket, it is important to remember that it should be made of high-quality genuine leather, as well as ideally fit, be comfortable and not hamper movement. Buy in the world of leather and fur Ivaggio!

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