How to choose a hat to a fur coat

TOfur coatIt is best to choose a hat made of fur, suitable in color and texture. That is, if you prefer a mink fur coat with a long nap, the head coat must be appropriate. Fur naturally should be the same. Rabbit hat with a mink coat will look ridiculous. Sheepskin cap can be selected from a combination of materials: for example, suede, fur, leather.
When choosing, consider your height and shape. Tall women should not pick up small hats, as they externally reduce the head. A miniature lady is better on the contrary to avoid too big hats, since you can become like a mushroom. If you have broad shoulders it is better to choose bulkhatwith long fur.
Do not save when choosing a hat. A quality thing simply cannot be cheap. If you allowed yourself a luxurious fur coat, try not to spoil the impression of your outfit. The mink cap must have an intact frame,should not "creak" when touched - it is a sign of poor quality. The smaller the seams, the better. The most ideal option is a hat made of one piece of fur.

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