How to choose a great hair spray?

Good styling without any problems is an important component in the process of creating a bright, harmonious and spectacular image. Every girl knows firsthand how sometimes it is difficult to cope with disobedient curls, who still strive to crumble all over their heads, completely disobeying the wishes of their own mistress.

And only you have collected on your head what you would like to see during the whole day or evening, as the wind blew in the street, it started to rain or snow, and the result - everything must start all over again. Needless to say, here you can’t just do without styling products, good, their diversity literally amazes with the number of options offered.

Necessary means

The choice is, of course, good, but too much choice makes you wonder, eyes run up, which means is better? And which one is right for my hair?

Interestingly, the first manufacturer, which pleased the world community with the first hairspray, was not unknown today, the company Schwarzkopf.This event happened in the not so distant 1956, and since then such a means for fixing can probably be found in the arsenal of almost every woman.

By the way, what is important, today lacquers perform not only the function of fixation, but also strengthen the hair, nourish and supply with vitamins, and also protect from the harmful effects of the environment.

In stores you can find varnishes of various degrees of fixation, with additives and various active substances, colored and tint, dry and liquid, it is very easy to get lost in the choice! In order for you not to wander for too long between multicolored counters with strangely similar bottles, we decided to share with you how to choose a good hairspray.

Pay attention to the composition

Remember, a good cosmetic can be only if it gives a complete unfolded picture of all that it consists of.

If you take the bottle in your hands and can’t really find information about its composition, then it is better to put it in place if the manufacturer hides the ingredients of his “brainchild”, then this is the first thing that should give rise to doubts.

It is very important that alcohol is not part of the varnish, even in the smallest quantities.

The fact is that it quickly dries the hair and scalp. The systematic use of this tool can lead to allergic reactions, hair loss and split ends.

The basis of any varnish will be polymers or, as they are called in other words, a solution of natural and synthetic resins, which, in fact, are responsible for fixing the hair.

In addition, it should include plasticizers, which are responsible for the softness of the hair after styling, as well as various film-forming agents, which are responsible for spraying varnish. Also in the composition must necessarily include:

  • glycerin - is responsible for moisturizing hair;
  • betaine - essential for shine;
  • Panthenol - to restore the damaged hair structure.

Also, it is not superfluous to have a vitamin complex, amino acids and natural components of medicinal plants, which are necessary to make hair soft, docile, and also to provide additional strength and nutrition. In sunny summertime, it is better to give preference to varnishes with ultraviolet protection.

Fixation degree

The next important characteristic, which, in fact, will be responsible for strong and well-fixed curls on your head, is the degree of fixation. It can be different: from the weakest, ending superstrong or ultrastrong.

There are plenty to choose from

The choice of a particular remedy, in the first place, will depend on the type and length of your hair. For example, girls with thin, obedient and rather rare hair, you can safely use the lacquers of a weak and medium degree of fixation.

But the ladies with disobedient, stiff, thick and, moreover, long curls, will have to choose between strong and superstrong powers.

First of all, the degree of fixation will depend on the amount of polymers that make up the lacquer, what is more, the fixation, respectively, is higher.

Than its degree is lower, the hair will look more natural and natural, during the day it can be combed and corrected. True, it is worth noting that different manufacturers have the same degree of fixation, it can only be determined by personal use, so you can not do without trial and error.

Therefore, for testing, you can take a varnish of small volume, and if it suits you and please, then next time you can go for a large bottle.

Existing species

If you choose the right hairspray, you can not only successfully fix your hair, but also have a positive effect on the condition of your hair. For example, if you have dyed hair, then it is better to choose a lacquer with a color restoration, and for a damaged head of hair - with a regenerating effect.

Rescues in bad weather

If you want to experiment with your own appearance, for example, change the hair color, but you do not want to use harmful dyes or you are simply not sure that the chosen image will suit you, then you can try your luck with colored hairspray.

It is sold in the same jars-sprays, it is enough to spray it on individual strands, as they will acquire the color you have chosen. The advantage of this coloration is that it is easily washed off with the first wash of the head.

For parties, you can choose a lacquer with sparkles, which will give your hairstyle volume and mysterious radiance. Girls who for some reason can not use regular varnishes (irritation or hair stick together constantly), dry lacquers may come up.

They perfectly care for the hair, they do not tend to stick together curls, and they also dry out quickly and the hair after them comb hair perfectly.

In addition to cosmetics used in the masses, there is a professional segment that is an order of magnitude better than the previous one. Professional varnishes, of course, cost more, but they provide a longer fixation time, usually the quality of such products is much higher than usual.


Here, as they say, the director himself. Someone is satisfied with the means cheaper and simpler, especially if they are used quite rarely, and for some it is not enough professional. If you rely on the feedback from real girls, who have tried most of the popular products, they can draw some conclusions.

It must be reliable

For example, on the top of the top, Taft 3 weather is located, which does not make the hair heavier or stick, does not overdry, and can please you with a good sprayer that fixes the hair literally tightly.

Also, L’oreal and Estel lacquer can boast of quite good quality, although they are not always checked with humidity. Wellaflex is located slightly lower, at the very bottom of the ranking are funds from Nivea and Syoss.

Choose a good lacquer and let your hairstyle always be perfect.

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