How to choose a gold bracelet?

A gold bracelet is an ornament that tells a lot about its owner. Starting from the financial situation and ending with whether it has good taste. The correct design will give charm to the image, and vice versa, if the bracelet does not suit you, it will spoil the impression of others. Therefore, it is important for anyone who wants to buy jewelery at hand to know how to choose a gold bracelet, so that it emphasizes your individuality, rather than hiding it.

How to choose a gold bracelet

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing an ornament is the size and design. The desired length of the product is determined as follows: take the thread and measure the length of the wrist with it, add another one to the resulting centimeters - this will be the exact size.

For the daytime image suits a laconic design, not attracting unnecessary attention, and to go out to light, choose a model bright and intricate, so that it does not lose in a pair with evening dress

The choice of design of the bracelet depends on the physique. Narrow bracelets with intricate weaving or wide, but filigree models will suit short and thin girls and young people.For large people such jewelry is contraindicated. In this case, it would be better to choose wide massive jewelery with precious stones.

Braiding of gold bracelets

There are 4 weaving bracelets and chains, which are the basis for numerous design ideas. The easier it is to weave a bracelet, the easier it is to maintain, but complex compounds are more durable and will not lose their shape for many years.

How to choose a gold bracelet?

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Gold bracelet weave:

  1. Anchor. The links of the product are connected perpendicular to each other. The shape and size are varied. Popular types of anchor weaving are Venetian, shopard and cord.
  2. Carapace. The links are connected parallel to each other and form a flat surface. This effect is due to special notches at each link. Carapace weaving has many varieties. The most sought-after of them are nonna weaving, figaro, cobra, rope weaving, snail.
  3. Perlina. The name weaving comes from the word pearl (pearl). The links are made in the form of a ball and connected by a gold thread.But today, jewelers prefer not the classic round, but the oval or cylindrical shape.
  4. Bismarck. Sophisticated and intricate weaving - the links of such jewelry consist of several interconnected gold rings.

Women's Gold Bracelets

Women's gold bracelets, first of all, emphasize the beauty and personality of the hostess. Therefore, it is important to choose a design that fits the shape, status and lifestyle.

It is important to choose a suitable size so that the decoration is comfortable to wear. If you buy for yourself, be sure to try on the product and feel whether it is comfortable sitting on your hand. If it is too tight, then choose a size larger, if the bracelet slips off the hand easily, then smaller. When buying jewelry as a gift, pay attention to models with adjustable length. In the workshop or in the cabin you will be helped to remove or add additional links.

How to choose a gold bracelet?

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On the background of classic models and bracelets with precious stones, jewelery in the form of hoops or with pendants stand out.The latter are combined with both everyday and suitable for publication. If you like non-standard solutions in the selection of the image, then this option will certainly suit you.

Men's Gold Bracelets

Men's gold bracelets are designed to indicate the status of a person and the financial situation. If you save on the purchase, over time it will become obvious, and the decoration will not complement the courageous image, but only ruin it.

When choosing the design of a man's bracelet, avoid the abundance of decorative elements and inserts from precious stones, but excessive severity and deliberate roughness of the weaving is a mistake. Choose products of average width and thickness, it is better if the weaving is in the style of armor. It is durable and looks impressive, but not rude.

If you choose a bracelet with precious stones, give preference to onyx or chrysoprase. They highlight the laconic features of male models.

The above products are suitable if a man prefers to wear classic costumes, but what to do with those who prefer an informal style. The jewelry market is represented by a large number of models, for example, made of rubber, leather or textiles, with gold inserts. These bracelets will be a great addition to the sports look.

Do not forget that wearing any jewelry should be fun. If you feel discomfort or you do not like individual design elements, do not buy a bracelet. It is better to choose a model that is easier, but completely coincides with your internal sensations.

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