How to choose a cat?

Do you feed all yard cats, are touched by numerous “cat” videos on the Internet and collect calendars with glamorous images of cute fluffies? The diagnosis is clear - you are a real cat owner! And, if once you have decided that it is quite enough to admire other cats, it’s time to get your own “kote”, our advice will surely help you in this noble cause.

Before you decide on such a crucial step, you should think it over several times. It is extremely irresponsible of you to start the animal first, and only then understand that for any reason, you should not have done this. If you and your household are not allergic to cat's fur, you are financially secure and able to feed the animal, provide him with proper care and are ready to put up with scratched furniture and damaged wallpaper, then you can move on to the words.

How to choose a cat correctly

When the principal decision has already been made, it's time to decide on a budget, on which the decision of which cat to choose is purebred or not depends directly.In accordance with what amount you can afford to spend on buying a kitten, decide where you will buy it. There are several possible options:

  • If the material questions do not burden you and the cat for you is the same status thing as a limousine or Swiss watch, get a kitten in an elite specialized nursery. In expensive nurseries, kittens are also bought by those people who are planning to continue breeding cats, participate in various exhibitions, and receive prizes and awards. In this case, the presence of a pedigree with an extensive list of famous ancestors is really necessary. Advantages of purchasing a kitten in the nursery: a thoroughbred animal, with all the documents, guaranteed healthy and vaccinated. Minus - the high cost.
  • If you need a kitten “for the soul”, a universal pet, a loyal fluffy friend, then buy a kitten by an ad in a newspaper or pet store. These kittens correspond to the general characteristics of the breed you like; they are raised, healthy, but much cheaper than pedigree.
  • Low-budget option: take a kitten from friends or buy for a nominal fee from a compassionate old woman in the subway. Pluses - get a kitten for free. Cons - no guarantees.

What breed of cats to choose

If the low-budget option for you is categorically unacceptable and you decide to buy at least not expensive, but still pedigree cat, you need to decide on which breed to choose. Maybe our advice on how to choose a breed of cat will be useful to you.

For people lonely, uncommunicative, and also pensioners who spend most of their time at home, perfect Persian cats are perfect. They are calm, sometimes even somewhat phlegmatic, they love affection, they can sit for hours on their lap at their beloved housewife or sleep next to their favorite pillow. Little sybarites are devoted to one owner, touchy, do not like big companies and noisy children's games. The lack of their content is only one - their beautiful long hair needs to be brushed daily with a special brush. If you do not have time for this, turn your attention to Siamese cats who are deprived of this deficiency. They are also very addicted to one person, and care for their short hair is very simple.

The British cat will ideally fit into the big noisy family. Cheerful, curious, sociable, with a stable psyche, the British cat will very quickly become a universal favorite.The British are very intelligent and balanced, there is no difficulty in their content - almost the perfect breed for the content in a city apartment. When you have decided on the breed, it remains only to decide what sex your kitten will be.

Cat or cat: whom to choose

Cats are larger and more beautiful, all the signs of the breed are more pronounced than on cats. At the same time, they are more independent, undistorted cats tend to wander, they like to sing “serenades” at night and mark the angles in the apartment. However, you can easily get rid of these problems if you time to castrate an animal. Cats are more affectionate and affectionate and, if you are not averse to tinkering with kittens, stop your choice on a cat. The choice is now yours.

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