How to choose a bed in a bedroom

The question is simple and very banal: how to choose a bed. It would seem that it could be easier. But this is where the first difficulties begin. It turns out that immediately there are a lot of questions: what size should the bed be, in what design, with bedside tables or without, with or without foot and so on and so on and so on. Sometimes such a simple question grows into the purchase of a whole bedroom set, because it turns out that it is simply impossible to "insert" the chosen bed into an existing design or furniture ensemble. Well, let's try to understand this question.

The choice of furniture is always a visual choice. In most cases, we choose pieces of furniture primarily based on our understanding of whether we like them or not. That is, as they say, by design. Well, and as a consequence, trying to understand whether the future furniture item will rise into the design of the general interior and whether it will fit into the overall ensemble.To do this, you should walk through furniture stores and shops, browse through at least a few websites of online furniture stores. One of these stores is the salon of elite Italian furniture Alt-Classic. The salon has its own website, as well as several trade exhibition platforms, where you can personally see and look at yourself for something quite decent. On the site of the showroom there is much more assortment, as the Alt-Classic salon brings a lot of furniture to order, directly from the Italian manufacturers. Therefore, in this case, the salon's website serves not only as a trading platform, but also as a large catalog of products that the salon sells.

Well, after the visual choice was made, you need to understand the technical characteristics of the bed. First, you need to understand the external dimensions of the bed, at least in order to have a clear idea of ​​how and where it will become in the bedroom. Secondly, you need to know the size of the bed: and in order to understand whether the selected sizes will be enough for a comfortable sleep, and to know what size to buy a mattress for the bed.By the way, this is an important point. The choice of a mattress for a bed is generally a topic for a separate discussion, but here I would like to warn many buyers against thoughtless purchases. It is worth buying a mattress after buying a bed. Many, for some reason, first buy a mattress and only after that they begin to think about choosing a bed. And not always the desired bed, in its dimensions corresponds to the already purchased mattress. Or vice versa, the bed is suitable for the technical characteristics, but does not fit the design and appearance. And then the painful choice between the desired and possible begins.

Another step in choosing a bed is an understanding of how already bought (or bought in the future) bed, will be in harmony with the existing pieces of furniture. In some cases, it is really better to buy a whole bedroom set at once, or to try to choose furniture that is suitable for the bedroom. Usually, this situation develops if you buy furniture in a classic style, such as Italian bedrooms. In such cases, it is better to buy everything at once, because furniture from different collections and different manufacturers may differ dramatically from each other.In modern furniture, especially in such styles as minimalism, art deco and high-tech such problems arise significantly less. Since the design is minimalist, the main thing is to harmoniously select furniture in the same style.

Of course, we raised only the most basic, so to speak, the main issues that confront buyers when choosing a bed. In fact, there are a lot more questions if we look at it in more detail. Well, perhaps in more detail we will reveal the essence of the problem in the following articles.

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