How to choose a bang for the type of person?

Daring to experiment with hair, first of all, they resort to fringe hairstyle. In this case, an unsuccessfully selected technique or a master's mistake lead to a disastrous result. The girls conclude that the bangs are not suitable for them, and they are afraid of experimenting with curls. At the same time, the bang opens up new styling options and is able to hide the flaws of the face. To make the haircut look harmonious, stylists take into account such nuances: the shape of the nose, the width of the cheekbones, the size of the chin. Are you afraid to change and make a new haircut? Then find out how to pick up a bangs to the type of person.

Factors affecting the choice of bangs

First of all, decide on why you decided to trim your bangs. Basically, this step is resorted to girls who for a long period adhered to a single haircut. Now there was a desire to change the image. In this case, you should not act rashly. Be safe in advance and make sure you look better with a new haircut.

How to choose a bang for the type of person?

We list the factors affecting the choice of bangs:

  1. Face type The ideal form is oval.Bangs are used as a way to bring irregular facial features to the standard. With the help of a haircut attracts attention to the expressive eyes or wrinkles on the forehead.
  2. The type and structure of hair. Wizards with curly hair do not recommend girls to trim bangs. It is necessary to lay strands every day, stretch them, act on the iron. To create straight bangs need thick and dense curls.
  3. Skin type Excessive fatness will affect the state of the bangs. Constant contact with the forehead will lead to the absorption of fat excreted by the skin. Therefore, for girls with oily or combination skin, bangs are suitable, not fitting tightly to the forehead.

When choosing bangs, the key is the type of person. There are several species that are rarely found in the pure version. Nature mixes facial types, complicating the work of stylists. We offer to understand the intricacies and pick up the bang, suitable for all parameters.

Main types of bangs

Haircut changes the image dramatically. Adds romance, sexuality, allows you to show individuality. To choose the right bang, first sort out the following:

How to choose a bang for the type of person?

  1. Classic. Suitable for girls with beautiful eyes.A straight fringe makes the facial features soft, aligns the lines. Most suitable for women with a face shape in the form of an oval or pear.
  2. Long straight bangs. It differs from the standard version of the thickness and length. It completely covers the forehead and eyebrows. Suitable for light and neat haircuts. Dilute the severity of the image with 2-3 colored strands.
  3. Short bangs. It is combined with model hairstyles, haircuts for a boy. Ultra-short bangs cut in such variations: oblique and straight. With a good combination with a haircut, short bangs soften the square and heavy chin.
  4. Oblique fringe. It is not recommended for hair prone to curling or curly hair. Suitable for medium length haircuts. It is combined with long and short hairstyles. Hides the flaws of faces in the shape of a rectangle or a circle.

The bang can visually improve the structure of the hair. If the locks do not have enough volume and pomp, then take a strand of hair under the bangs, starting to pick them from the top of the head. To make the haircut look natural, do not use hairspray and fluffy styling. Apply mousse or gel on wet bangs and perform styling with an iron and a hairdryer.

How to choose a bang to the oval and round face type?

The oval face is taken as the standard. All other parameters are tightened to this form. For non-standard forms, details of clothing, accessories are added that delay or attract attention to the features of the face. Hairstyle is one way to change the visual picture.

How to choose a bang for the type of person?

How to choose a bang to the oval and round face type?

  1. Let's start with the standards. A face is called oval when the width and length are in balanced positions. Girls with such data are not limited in the choice of haircuts. But, even a gift of nature with the proper effort is easy to spoil. To prevent this from happening, choose these bangs: thick straight lines with or without tiling, oblique forms that reach to the chin or ear line. From fashionable options: short bangs with a ragged effect or textural hairstyles, reaching to the middle of the forehead.

    Long straight bangs, excessively short haircuts, thinned versions will not work for an oval face.

  2. Stretched oval. Such a face looks stretched and thin, features of the same width. The form is highlighted with an increased vertical, which is several times larger than the horizontal.This type of bang is necessary, it can visually shorten the face. Make haircuts that cover the frontal area completely or partially. The horizontal line increases due to thick straight bangs. To give your face a rounded shape, stop the choice on oblique bangs. Use straight or offset parting. Emphasize the shortcomings of the face long bangs on its side or overly short options.
  3. The round face is distinguished by soft lines, without sharp corners and wide cheekbones. To stretch the face and bring it closer to the standard, choose a slanting bang. Suitable length to the eyebrows, made with the use of ragged technology. Since there is a task to lengthen the face, then boldly shear the bangs-curtains, reaching the chin or so long that you can lay a lock behind your ear. The average length on the contrary emphasizes the rounded shape, making the face more magnificent.

If you are afraid of experiments and fear that you will incorrectly determine the type of face and haircut, then work on the length. Do a haircut, so that the bangs are pinched. If you don't like the hairstyle, then you can hide the bangs behind the hair band or ribbon.

Geometric forms: how to pick up a bang to the face?

We turn to face types, where the main problems are broad features, sharp corners, massive jaw or chin. For the presence of corners, such shapes acquired geometric names. How to pick a bang to face?

How to choose a bang for the type of person?

  • Triangular shape. In such girls, the frontal part is narrowed, and the collections are broad. The task bangs to balance the top and bottom. To make your forehead heavier, decorate this part with massive straight bangs. If the hair is sparse, leave a straight shape, but add length. A slanting haircut and a bang-curtain breaks the lines of the triangle. As a result, the face is drawn out. Various stacking of long bangs are allowed, in the form of a wave, stabbed back or a mohawk. Not suitable for triangular straight parting. Such a decision will only increase the massiveness of the chin.
  • Inverted or inverse triangle. Girls with such a face shape have a small and angular chin. The forehead in turn is large and wide. To hide flaws and round the face, hide the frontal part behind oblique bangs of medium and longer length. Suitable short haircuts with torn cheeks. To broaden the chin, select the side parting and bang to the lip or chin line.
  • Square and rectangular face shape.A distinctive feature is a wide jaw, conspicuous. The worst option with this type is a smooth parting and straight bangs, divided into two parts. Suitable for the face in the form of a square and a rectangle thick bangs, covering the forehead. In order not to draw a parallel line with a heavy bottom, make torn edges. Do not allow straight lines. This option allows you to dissolve the curls or collect hair in the tail. To soften and round the facial features, release a pair of strands on the sides. Oblique bangs of medium length suitable for bob hairstyle.

How to choose a bang for the type of person?

  • Face shaped diamond. A rare variant, characterized by a constricted bottom and top. At the same time, there is a noticeable expansion in the cheekbone area. With the help of a bang from a rhombus, an oval is made. For this fit bangs, divided into two parts. Choose straight or oblique shapes. In the first case, the bangs should cover the temples, in the second - to reach the cheekbones. If you wear a short haircut, then make a bang in the same style and comb it up. Do not do hair with styling on its side. So you emphasize the diamond shape of the face.

Making a choice in favor of a specific bang, consider the status and age. Adult women who prefer a strict and business style will not suit extravagant hairstyles. The shape of the bangs completely changes the look of the girl.Therefore, straight bangs are suitable for short women, and high oblique variations and asymmetrical haircuts.

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