How to change the name in contact

How to change the name in contact

How to change the name in contact

There is an opinion in the network that the administrators of the service "In Contact" deal with the question of how to change the name in the contact as often as they fight with intruders and various bots. If you think and drop a little deeper, it turns out that the way it is. Many people register for the first time in contact, entering the left data, the reasons for this can be a variety of shyness, fake, earnings, etc.


At first glance, the question may seem quite normal and natural, so the admins have no reason to worry and prohibit changing data. But this is not at all the case; in fact, a different picture opens up before us. A social network is a site where society gathers for communication, entertainment, earnings and other things. That is why each user must register under a real name, otherwise the service loses its meaning. The creators of “VK” also reason, because no one would have visited the site if they knew that every second user is not real.


The backbone of the contact-a group of people who essentially use the service, find it useful and convenient for solving their problems (entertainment, communication). These users post their real information, original photos, contribute to the development of the service, etc. The remaining half are either bots and trolls, or those who are trying to make money using social networks. If the administrators did not set a certain framework for changing the name, then real people would be much less, and the percentage of trolls, bots, spammers would constantly increase, and then the project would not be able to turn to such proportions.


How to change the name in contact for free



Before answering the question of how to change a name in a contact for free, you need to touch on a slightly different topic. At the moment, administrators use a new method of dealing with the change of names, but this is only one of the ways, before everything was different. The creators can not allow a massive change of data, because it will lead to the collapse of the system, but for some reason, actions have taken just now. At first, the user could change any information about himself: personal data, photos, name and surname,a little later, the admins reduced the capacity of people, and in order to change the name and surname, it was necessary to pay 3 votes (and after payment, your application went only for consideration, but there was no guarantee that the data would change). At the moment, nothing has to be paid for, but it’s almost impossible to change the name. Most leave this venture and register a new account, and maybe even leave the social network altogether. By the way, for the service, this is a big disadvantage, because the left accounts are clogging the system.


Therefore, if you are wondering how to change a name in a contact for free, tune in to the worst, because only 30% of people can achieve a positive result, the rest are left with nothing. Follow the steps that are taken apart below.


  1. Go to your profile and click on "My settings", then click on the "General" tab, click on the "Change name" button and then you will see a special window. It reads the following information: during the registration process, you need to enter only real data, if you have not done this initially, you should not hope that the data will be changed in a short time.Specify the reason for which you are going to change your data.
    How to change the name in contact

    How to change the name in contact

  2. Next, fill in the required fields and click "Edit"
  3. Administrators announce decisions at different times. Someone will know about the result almost instantly, and someone has to send a second request, and only after that the user receives a response. Time directly depends on the administrator, as soon as he gets acquainted with the application, he will immediately send you a response with approval or refusal. There is a popular belief that this issue is addressed to employees, often ordinary teenagers, and not members of the “V Kontakte” team. If this is true, then the result can be expected absolutely any.

It is a lie or the truth nobody knows, but mass refusals speak about themselves to know. Even if a person is telling the truth, I can not change the data. Doing this question, do not be nervous, read other articles on the social network better, for example, learn how to look at hidden photos in contact.


Administrators can also be understood, because it is difficult to determine "by eye", is there such a person as Anton Kolobok or is it a fake. We will not focus on this and get down to business.Before you change the name, follow the step by step instructions.


  • Decide and formulate the text that you will enter in the section “Reason for changing the name”, after which it remains to hope for the best. The most part you have already done, the further outcome from you no longer depends.
  • Now choose your path. The choice is small, there are only two. The first one - the name that needs to be changed obviously looks like a fake or a troll, for example Sulfur Stratocosurus. In this case, it makes no sense to write an excuse for such a plan: changing the passport or the fact that you are married, it is obvious that no one will believe this. In this case, it's better to write something more plausible and suitable: "Good afternoon, when registering for the service I entered (a) not real data, because it was not serious about everything. Today, my page has become popular, so it has many subscribers and friends with whom I communicate constantly. I want to put real data. Many thanks".


How to change the name in contact

How to change the name in contact


Above you are offered a good option. You can cut it by writing down only the essence. Your task is to show that you are a really active user of the service who wants to continue to continue using the social network.Now you know the answer to the question of how to change a name in a contact for free, which means that the chances that they will refuse you are getting smaller.


  • The second option - your name is more like the present than the troll, but you all want to exactly change the data. For example, Kolya Sidorov needs to be changed to Pavel Korotkov, notice that the names are invented specifically for example.


Here are some reasons that can be indicated in the column “Reason for changing the name”:


  1. “Changes in the name in the passport” is not entirely plausible only because the day the admins receive hundreds of applications with this reason.
  2. “The change of surname due to the fact that she got married” is quite banal, but it is worth trying. Again, in this case, you can change only the last name.
  3. “I use a fake name, but I want to change it to a real one” - it's worth a try, the odds are around 50/50, depending on who will consider the application.
  4. “I became famous, so I decided to take a pseudonym” - a good option.
  5. “Friends and colleagues cannot find me in the search, because call differently, although the passport data are indicated. "
  6. “I want a new name” - simply and angrily, the odds are 50/50.


Show imagination and creativity, the more original and believable the reason you come up with, the greater the chance that you will be able to change your data.

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