How to celebrate New 2018?

Many begin preparations for the New Year in advance, and this is right, because in time to think everything over in the festive vanity is very difficult. Therefore, it will be superfluous to find out how best to meet the year, the symbol of which will be a dog.

Patron of the year: how will it affect the fate?

The symbol of 2018 is a yellow earthen dog. Such an animal is distinguished by sincerity, loyalty and devotion, appreciates care and comfort, and in return gives love. Yellow is a warm shade, personifying the sun and the home. And the earth is associated with stability, wisdom, constancy and chastity.

2018 should pass in the environment of the most faithful friends, and people who have mercenary intentions, must leave your life. The patron of the year will appreciate loyalty and honesty, so the next 12 months is the right time for pure thoughts, truthfulness and sincerity. The year will be successful for the acquisition or construction of housing, which favors the earth.

In his personal life, everything will be fairly stable, and single people will be able to meet true love and find the second half.And in order for the yellow dog to help in everything, you need to perform as many good actions as possible that will improve your karma and will certainly come back.

Some astrologers believe that the upcoming year 2018 should become significant in world history, as many politicians will begin to strive for the restoration of justice and the maintenance of equality between all people. The government will be self-confident and with serious and well-intentioned people. The ecological situation should also change for the better: in the year of the earth dog, it is worth thinking about the conservation of nature.

How and where to celebrate the New Year?

How and where to meet the New Year of the dog? Be sure to be in the circle of the most loyal and loyal friends, the patron exactly appreciate it. Pay attention to relatives, because the New Year is first and foremost a family holiday. In any case, you should be surrounded by the closest and favorite people.

Where is the best to meet the year 2018? The place is not so important, the main thing is a noisy and merry company of the closest people. One of the options - a celebration at home or away. In the first case, you do not have to go back, but there will be a need for global cleaning.

If there is not enough space, you can rent a spacious country cottage for a day: this will allow you not only to have a good time, but also to enjoy nature and play your favorite winter games outside. It is possible to meet the new year in a cafe or restaurant, but in this case it is better to take care of booking a table in advance.

New Year's image

Surely many are interested in what to meet in 2018, and this question is especially relevant for women. Start thinking through the image is to choose a primary color. Since the dog is yellow, all shades of this color, for example, mustard, lemon, golden, will be appropriate and successful.

But do not forget that the main element will be the earth, so you can give preference to such tones as chocolate, sand, terracotta, woody, coffee, fawn, beige. If you want to create a bright image, then pay attention to the salmon and coral colors, but they should not be too catchy.

It is best to choose a monophonic outfit, which will give you elegance and elegance, as well as emphasize impeccable taste. Bright and eye-catching drawings are irrelevant and often look vulgar.And especially to fear leopard and tiger prints, because they personify the belonging to the family of felines, which dogs, as you know, do not like.

But so that the image does not seem boring, you can combine the tones, and the most successful tandem will be a union of yellow and brown shades, advantageously complementing each other.

Equally important is the style of the dress or costume. A simple cut and fitted silhouettes without excessive fitting, intricate details and a deep cleavage are welcomed. The optimal length is midi or maxi. The material must be soft, breathable and preferably natural.

Attractive look and give comfort flowing or well draped fabrics. And if you want to have fun, then choose a comfortable dress that does not restrain movement.

Be sure to complement the outfit accessories. It is better to leave the neck free, as some jewelry in 2018 may be associated with a collar, which the dog is unlikely to enjoy. This is especially true of short chains.

But you can choose beads from semiprecious stones, aged in brown or yellow tones: jasper, amber, aventurine. Gold jewelry is welcome, but not very voluminous.Shoes, first of all, should be comfortable, best suede or leather. For example, you can choose discreet wedge shoes or a steady heel.

The final touch of the holiday image will be make-up. And it is better to withstand it in brown tones, which are not only almost universal and suitable for many, but also very relevant. When choosing shades, consider the color of your skin and eyes so that the makeup is harmonious. Do not look pale will allow blush, and make meke-apu festive traits possible with the help of light shine: lip gloss, shimmering shadows, shimmers.

Tip: choose a simple hairstyle. In 2018, there will be beams in the trend, an easy onset and negligence effect, braids, loose hair and soft chaotic locks.

Home decor

How to decorate the house? Undoubtedly, the main New Year's attribute is spruce, and it does not matter whether it is alive or artificial. It can be decorated with balloons aged in yellow, brown, gold and red. Use toys made of wood and fabrics, various figures of dogs. Do not overdo it with tinsel, as with garlands.

Take care of the window decor. Start with curtains: replace them with beautiful brown, gold or yellow, made from satin, silk or other similar fabric.Snowflakes, dogs and other New Year’s drawings can be painted on the glass. On the door, hang a wreath that you can make with your own hands. Also use natural materials for decoration, such as branches and cones.

Festive dishes and table setting

What to cook for the New Year 2018? The basis of the festive table should be meat, and all kinds of it. And ribs will look especially appetizing, in addition, they will be appreciated by a dog who loves bones. Among meat dishes, wings, thighs, and legs will also be popular.

You can cook shish kebab, serve sausages and meat rolls. Garnish the best way to cook potatoes. And light vegetable salads will be an excellent addition to this abundance. Drinks should be simple, the patron of the year does not accept frills. You can drink wine, traditional New Year's champagne, brandy.

Table setting also matters. Cover it with a yellow or golden tablecloth, place white plates with gold borders or patterns. In the center, place the figure of the 2018 symbol. The personification of the hearth and the maintenance of a yellow scale will be candles in simple candlesticks.

What to give?

As a souvenir, you can present figurines of dogs. And as the patron of the year appreciates comfort and coziness, by all means make friends and family useful gifts that will be useful for home improvement and a pleasant stay in it. It can be blankets, slippers, towels, bed linen, bedspreads, dishes, rugs. A good gift will be a potted plant.

Do not give jewelry, especially chains associated with restriction of freedom. The dog will not like both unnecessary and excessively expensive gifts, as well as in any way reminiscent of cats.

Signs and beliefs

If you respect and follow traditions and believe in omens, then you will probably be interested to learn some unspoken rules, the observance of which will attract good luck and avoid trouble. Let's consider the most important of them:

  1. Do not abuse alcohol, because dogs, as you know, are very negative about drunken people. In addition, under the influence of alcohol, you can make a lot of rash and bad deeds, offend loved ones.
  2. "How to celebrate the New Year, so spend it." This sign will be relevant in 2018, so try to organize the holiday in such a way that it will be fun and without incident and will give only pleasant emotions.
  3. You can not celebrate the New Year without money. First, a dog that is considered a thrifty and thrifty animal will not appreciate this. Secondly, without finance, you risk spending the New Year holidays boring and dull. So it is better to save in advance and set aside a certain amount.
  4. If a dog joins you on New Year's Eve, this is definitely a good sign! Do not chase her at all: feed the animal. If possible, shelter him or at least find a new home and owners.
  5. Start the year with pure thoughts and heart: ask for forgiveness from everyone you hurt, forget your grievances and promise yourself to be honest and sincere.
  6. The patron of the year loves comfort, so be sure to arrange your home comfortably and do a general cleaning, discarding all that is old and unnecessary.
  7. It is believed that the coming year of the dog is best to meet, welcoming guests in his home. If you go on a visit, then please the hosts with presents and grab a dish prepared with your own hands.
  8. If you unintentionally pat on the head, it promises good luck and success for the next year.

Try to meet 2018 by all the rules and have fun to remember the holiday and spend the next 12 months worthy.

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