How to care for a washing machine?

How to properly care for a washing machine?

How to properly care for a washing machine?

Today I would like to talk about how to care for such a technical achievement as a washing machine. With horror, we can now recall the process of washing our mothers and grandmothers. They spent almost all of their free time on this, because the laundry had to be soaked and boiled, rinsed, and then they could also wash the stains with laundry soap. Now things are completely different, because a modern woman needs only to install the program necessary for washing, then press the appropriate button and the washing machine will perform all of the above actions. And it turns out that technical progress releases a lot of free time.


How to properly use the washing machine



Yes, a washing machine is one of the manifestations of technical progress, but one should not forget that it is necessary to maintain its technical condition. There are many factors that adversely affect the strength of the machine.After all, not everyone knows how to care for a washing machine. Consequently, the life of the device will depend on its correct operation. It is necessary with responsibility and care to approach the ownership of this complex unit. Manufacturers, as a rule, attach instructions for use to the typewriter, which must be followed to avoid premature aging of the device. Before the start of the first wash you should definitely read the basic rules of operation and take into account all the comments that relate to your model.



How to extend the life of the washing machine?

How to extend the life of the washing machine?


Installing a washing machine



The washing machine is installed exclusively on a flat and durable surface: the water pressure is checked, which should correspond exactly to the technical characteristics of the washing machine; make sure the drain hose is connected correctly.


Preparing clothes for washing



The linen is carefully sorted by type of fabric and color; pockets are checked for the presence of small foreign objects in the wash; do not wash very ragged, dirty or old clothes.


Selection of detergents



For washing with the help of a typewriter, it is necessary to use only those products that have the label “Automat” on their packaging; try not to fill the dispenser with a large amount of money. For weights, the choice of which we wrote in the previous article, detergents are not needed.


The choice of programs for washing



Do not wash in a row several times at once. Let the machine rest for a couple of hours, set the temperature for washing, which corresponds to the selected program, after completing the washing program, turn off the power to the machine and turn off the water supply tap.


How to care for a washing machine



There are a dozen simple rules for the care of a washing machine, which you will extend the life of your assistant.


Rule 1

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the washing machine body. Wipe the machine with a soft sponge with a product that does not contain alcohol. It is also necessary to regularly wipe the white surface from dust, fingerprints and traces of powder. This is done in order to avoid the further appearance of a yellow tint, which will not fit into your interior.


Rule 2

Pay special attention to the external rubber parts of the machine. Care for them soaked in soapy water with a cloth. Do not use solvents, cleaners, because they have a very detrimental effect on rubber. Carefully make sure that when the hatch is closed, the rubber is tight enough to it, otherwise there may be a leakage of water.


Rule 3

It is also necessary to regularly clean the detergent dispenser, as the powder remains are not always completely washed out and difficult to clean after it hardens. This is exactly what makes it possible to ensure a smooth flow of detergent. The dispenser is removed and rinsed in warm water with a brush.


Rule 4

The hatch and the drum also require regular maintenance. After washing, the hatch should be left open so that unpleasant odors do not accumulate in the drum. Do not save clothes in a typewriter, because for this purpose there are laundry baskets. For washing it is useful to use bags, or at least wash clothes from the seamy side to avoid scratches on the drum and on the glass of the hatch.


Rule 5

At the pump there is no need for maintenance as such, because all modern washing machines have special self-cleaning pumps that do not require separate maintenance.But there is a casing, which is a zone where small objects can often fall. The casing is cleaned once a month. To do this, remove the lower front panel and unscrew the cover. Do not be afraid of the appearance of a small amount of water and small debris - this is quite normal.


Rule 6

Regularly check the water supply hose. Due to various cracks and tears, the hose may suddenly disconnect.


Rule 7

Care should be taken to ensure that only pure water comes in for washing. The water coming from the water pipes contains many chemical impurities that are harmful to human health. Most people have not eaten such water for a long time, but the washing machine continues to consume it. Such water is the main cause of scaling. What to do in such cases? At the moment there are a lot of special filters for sale that allow you to purify water for washing to the required level.


Rule 8

and in no case do not use descaling agents. Especially abstruse apply citric acid, soda and vinegar, and, of course, the latest means of scale.In reality, the situation is only getting worse. After all, when they are applied, the scale will settle on the heating element so tightly that it becomes completely impossible to remove it. In order to avoid this, from the very beginning of the use of the machine, use only filtered water.


Rule 9

If you notice a drop in water pressure or a change in voltage, immediately stop washing. Otherwise there is the likelihood of breakage that cannot be repaired. In such cases, there is a button "delay of washing" or "Pause". As modern machines meet all the new requirements, even after 30 minutes an ordinary machine will be able to continue the given program.


Rule 10

It should be thoroughly cleaned inside the machine at least once a year. To do this, select the program with the highest temperature, powder is poured into the dispenser, and the program is run without laundry. Thus the filter is cleaned of dirt, and the drum is cleaned of scale.


Now you have an idea how to care for the washing machine. So, observing the above precautions, you will extend the life of your machine for a long time.If you feel grateful to the manufacturers of these devices for not wasting your time on washing, try to ensure that their inventions are properly cared for from the beginning of their life.

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