How to care for a lizard at home?

Cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits have long become habitual pets and practically full members of the family. But if you do not have time to take care of your furry pets, then the pet store can offer you a more exotic option. For example, a lizard. Caring for her is not at all difficult, let's talk about this.

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Most often in Russian latitudes there lives a fast lizard, which later becomes a pet for exotic lovers. And to make her feel comfortable outside the natural conditions, it is necessary to provide her with a comfortable living environment.

Location. The shape of the terrarium, you can choose any, but here the size should be at least two body lengths of the animal. And if the dimensions of the room in which the “housing” will be located, make it possible to purchase a “bigger house”, the pet will be only too happy. At the bottom it will be necessary to pour the earth, but it is best to take it in the forest or steppe so that the soil does not contain any foreign additives.Also suitable bark or special rugs, which can be found in pet stores.

Since in nature these reptiles actively climb trees, thanks to their clinging legs, it is not superfluous to install several branches in an aquarium, as well as to bring the “interior” closer to the natural one with stones and plants.

Temperature.Everything is somewhat more complicated here, but do not worry, there are all the necessary devices on sale that will help to create a comfortable atmosphere for your pet. The lizard needs two temperature zones - one is very warm, with a mode of +35 degrees, the second is cooler, up to +30. At night, the temperature can drop to +20.

Shine.Remember that lizards live in warm latitudes and spend most of the time in the sun, so light is vital for them. To do this, it is advisable to install a conventional lamp and ultraviolet.

Humidity. This characteristic also needs to pay special attention. The optimum moisture content is 50-70%. To achieve it, it is enough just to put a container with water in the terrarium. In addition to evaporating, the water will contribute to the formation of the desired level of humidity,the lizard will be able to perform there and water procedures. For the same purpose, it is possible to spray the inside plants and branches from the spray gun. But the main thing - do not overdo it, too high level of moisture can cause the development of fungus and the death of the reptile.

Food.What is the feed lizards? In the warm season, the feeding regime should be three meals a day, and in winter there will be enough two meals a day. Usually such animals eat flies, spiders, crickets. Also useful will be food prepared from grated carrots, fresh meat, lettuce leaves and vitamin supplements.

Small pets will need to be fed with tweezers, adults do not need this, and can eat on their own.

Reproduction.At home, lizards can multiply. But this can be done only when the female reaches 2 years of age, and in the cold season, when the activity of reptiles is rather low. After mating, the female needs to be transplanted into a separate terrarium, having previously prepared a place for burying eggs (peat and moss can be used). As soon as the small lizards hatch, they also need to be transplanted, and monitor the temperature regime (about + 40 + 42 degrees) and humidity (sprinkling the terrarium 2-3 times a day).

Small, quick and active lizards will be excellent favorites. Despite their predatory nature, they live beautifully in the conditions of the house and delight their masters.

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