How to calculate a potentially successful man?

Ability to concentrate

The way a man solves the task posed to him can tell a lot about his potential, and at the same time almost exactly determine the density of his future wallet. The habit of breaking away from business, to have a snack, three hundred times, to smoke, quickly play only one game, chat on the phone, speaks about the propensity to procrastinate and the inability to quickly achieve goals. A potentially successful comrade is able to concentrate on the task posed - he will not tear his fifth point straight until he finishes. Such a goal is so paramount that, rather, it will not respond to your message and will ignore lunch, without fear of gastritis, than it’s time to get out of the work process. Appreciate this tediousness and be frightened of someone who at the first opportunity will happily score on the matter, in order to wind up with you at the cinema. Airplanes first, remember?

How to calculate a potentially successful man?

Active life position and ambition

Songs to sing and promises from a bottomless bucket can be poured by many, but only a few can achieve their goals silently. To build grandiose plans for the five-year plan ahead is a good idea, but it is not verifiable until the end of the term. In the end, he will easily be able to part with his hands and say that not everything in life always takes shape, as we want: honestly tried, failed. And then build a new air lock - the next "try" five-year plan. And you will sit with your thoughts - maybe, it will turn out. In fact, potentially successful men have plans for the future that are divided into stages, the implementation of which your correct elect is already engaged in, and not later. A successful man always thinks with a chain: I want - what is needed for this - what can I do from this at the moment. Failed the chosen path - turn to another, close the first stage of the plan - go to the second. Believe an active life position, and not "Mom-I swear, I'll give you peace."

Diplomatic wisdom

Many succumb to stereotypical opinion, sincerely believing that a man, like any male, is a creature aggressive in places, growls, breaks, and easily comes into conflict.But wise and successful men know how to control themselves, even when they really want to get angry, because true diplomats solve any problems, and settle conflicts, unlike unrestrained individuals and barking without any reason. But if a man is burning with the desire to avenge the offender, who has cut his car on the road, or breaks into the poor waitress because of the cooled soup, immediately put a cross on the candidate husband. Firstly, he may further just as unreasonably run into you, and secondly, he will constantly quarrel with everyone and far into the bright future he will not be allowed to step by the more restrained and powerful of this world.

Optimism and charge for success

The little pessimist will quickly grow into a huge whiner who, after a couple of falls and losses that are mandatory for every man in life, will give up belief in his own success and begin to go with the flow. The golden rule of strong and successful men - lucky only those who believe and act. Only an avid optimist will invent such a scheme for the implementation of his own plans that they will twist everything at his temple. Let them twist, the main thing is that you believe, and then he will succeed.Because ambition, activity, concentration on tasks, fueled by irrepressible optimism, is the key to men's success, including financial success.

How to calculate a potentially successful man?

But the most important thing in starting relationships with a man who with one foot is on a financially successful path is to actually see that he is going to go his way with you! This means that he does not devote promising epics to you, but proves the attitude devoted to you, no matter how trite, only by actions independent of his current financial situation. He comes from the other end of the city with medicines if you are ill, and does not wait until you come to your senses, and "then we will have fun." And also meets and escorts, because it is dark and dangerous; the most delicious, including berries on the cake, always leaves you; when the dress is ready for you, though modest, it is new to buy, and in a T-shirt “a hundred years at lunch” goes. And he works so tirelessly because in fact he is terribly afraid to disappoint you!

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