How to buy an apartment?

The cost of residential real estate today remains inaccessible for the vast majority of those wishing to acquire their own square meters. But if you try, the dream of your cozy nest can become a reality. How to achieve this?

Dream apartment: how to buy it if there is not enough money?

You can find cheap options for residential buildings in the suburbs: in most cases, the cost of a country house is 10-70% lower than the price of urban housing. But not everyone wants to live outside the city in unity with nature. For this and there are alternatives.

If there is an initial amount for the purchase of an apartment (from 10-15%), a quick and very profitable option will be a mortgage loan. And it is the mortgage: its interest rate is an order of magnitude lower than the standard non-earmarked or consumer loan. If ordinary loans are issued at 25-30% per annum, the average mortgage rate is 18-22%.

Advantages of a bank mortgage loan:

- the larger the down payment for the purchase of housing, the more favorable the loan terms become;
- Bank customers with a good credit history receive convenient payment conditions for them;
- Many financial institutions issue loans with favorable terms of early repayment;
- If a bank customer pays a loan ahead of time, financial institutions more often offer them a lower interest rate and more favorable conditions for the next loan (for repairs, furniture).

The only feature of a mortgage loan is its availability. These loans are not given to everyone: a mortgage is considered a long-term loan. Its term, as a rule, ranges from 10 to 15 years. Many banks prefer to cooperate with customers whose age is from 25 to 48 years.

What to do if you do not issue a mortgage loan?

One of the most acceptable options is a deposit at the interest of the amount that was set aside for the purchase of an apartment. As a result, after 1-2 years, you can not only get a solid income from the interest on the deposit, but also become a favorite client of the bank, having obtained his loyalty. And how can a person who knows how to manage his finances be denied a mortgage?

Summarizing, we can say that now everyone can become the owner of housing. The main thing is to have a stable job.To overestimate the opportunities too in no event it is impossible, as it is necessary to pay money not year and not two.

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