How to build a roof in the bath

The roof is supported by floor beams. They should be laid on the top trim of the walls or on the wall beam. Beams on the attic floor must be fixed. To fix them, you should make nests. Beams must be horizontal. Release the beam for the wall can be at any distance. However, if it protrudes beyond the wall by half a meter or more, it becomes necessary to install a support column.
The span length has a direct effect on the size of the cross section of the attic floor beams. The size of the vertical section is about 1 / 20-1 / 25 distance between the supports. The horizontal section should not be less than 50 millimeters in size.
Rafters are installed on the beam. And the rafters are made of boards, beams or solid logs. Moreover, in the case of using a bar, its cross section should exceed 60 millimeters, and if logs are used, their diameter should exceed 12 centimeters. The board section should be about 4x15 centimeters.
Rafter legs are installed in the beam. Wooden plates or iron staples are suitable as fasteners. Fix the rafters by connecting them to the top with a ridge bar. Observe the optimum distance between the rafters. It is 1 meter.
If you are planning to coverthe roofroll material, lay solid wood flooring on the rafters. If you will coverthe roofslate, professional sheet or tile, be sure to organize the crate.
The crate should be made of timber with a section of 50x50 millimeters or thicker. You can also use boards with a minimum thickness of 30 mm. Clearly follow the sequence of actions in the manufacture of crates: first nail the ridge board next to the ridge and only after that nail the rows of the batten.

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