How to build a grill in the country

Collect all unnecessary and long-forgotten scrap metal sheets, estimate the optimal size of the future barbecue and sketch a drawing.
When all materials are selected, build a brazier with two levels. Make a working height of about 15 cm and an additional level of 23 cm (if the heat turns out to be too strong for a dish).
Now cook the three sides of the barbecue from the corner, and leave the fourth open. With the help of a welding machine, make a rebar in the form of a wide letter H, which will move freely along 2 parallel sides of the barbecue and allow using skewers of different sizes. On the third side every 6 cm saw through holes 1 cm deep and 6 mm wide.
Pay attention: at the end of each skewer there is a twisted neck, which, being placed in such a slot, allows you to turn the skewer to any angle, which means the dish will be roasted evenly from all sides.
In the case when you need to cook a small amount of food and do not particularly need to fill the entire area of ​​the barbecue with coal, use fireproof bricks. Dam their half boxes. While the wood burns through, the ceramics will warm up well, and then evenly give off heat.
For convenience, use the brazier to make the corners of the legs about 65 cm long, and to move it, weld the handles wrapped with trimming hose to the sides.
For large plots, build the most acceptable option - a stationary brazier, which is built from solid concrete, brick or concrete blocks. Make it separately or stick to the wall.
In order for it not to warp after the winter frosts and to be more stable, fill the foundation with a depth of at least 50 cm. Before the barbecue, build a small area covered with concrete tiles. Arrange the roaster at a height of 65-75 cm from ground level. Below, under the concrete slab, leave space for a firebox, and install a chimney with a chimney above the broiler.
For evening lighting in front of the brazier at a height of 170 cm attach a lamp or lamp, suspended on a metal console.

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