How to blow the carburetor

You will need
  • refined kerosene or alcohol
When you unscrew the screw, remember the number of revolutions that will have to be done, since then it will be necessary to tighten it by the same amount. Do not push the screw too hard. As already statedcarburetor- the detail is fragile, you can break something. And to get a piece of the tip then it will be very difficult.
Make sure that the small details of the screw itself, its spring, washer, and the rubber ring are not lost. They almost always stay incarburetore, and do not go out with a screw. When blowing, they will scatter in different directions and then you will not collect them.
Typically, valves and total tractioncarburetorThe trigger is secured with special plastic clips. Take them out very carefully, so as not to accidentally twist the heads of these locks. They will be difficult to replace. The carburetor is disassembled.
Proceed to wash all channels, parts, parts. Use a specially prepared resin solvent for this. To clean the gum, use purified kerosene or alcohol. After you are thoroughly rinsed, blow with compressed air, the pressure of which should not be below 3 kg / cm2.

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