How to become a zombie?

Kate flower
Kate flower
August 18, 2014
How to become a zombie?

Today, zombies are very popular. The zombie is a living corpse and is closely related to the apocalypse in the understanding of modern man due to his cannibalism. Is there a zombie in fact, you can learn from the article Is there a zombie.

Here we will talk about how to become a zombie.

Reasons for becoming a zombie

  • The virus is the main reason for turning into zombies in modern literature and cinema. Films shot on this topic: "Resident Evil", "I - Legend", "28 days later." From the books we can cite the example of Seth Graham-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
  • Voodoo It was from West Africa that the concept of “zambi” came to us, which later turned into a “zombie”. This is a whole cult based on the fact that tribes had sorcerers who could resurrect people and turn them into slaves. In 1929, William Sibruk wrote a book, according to which, in 1932, the first voodoo film about zombies was shot. From modern films you can remember the "Key to all doors."
  • Lack of independent thinking.Today, the word "zombie" has another meaning - a person who is prone to advertising, the opinions of other people and is completely deprived of the ability to think and make decisions independently.

How does the transformation into a zombie

How do people become zombies? There are several options:

  • Through the blood. Zombie blood enters the mucosa, and the body begins an irreversible process of becoming a zombie.
  • Bite. The most famous and popular method in literature and cinema. Zombies, biting, poison the blood, and after some long torment a person turns into a zombie and can also bite.
  • Vaccine. In the movie "I Am Legend", the virus that turned almost all people on Earth into zombies was the only cure for cancer.
  • Disease - sudden or having a history.
  • TV. If you watch a lot of TV and read a little, it may not be like that.

On the Internet, there are many articles that tell us how to act in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

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