How to become a hacker - step by step tips and videos

Many Internet users are interested in how to become a hacker from scratch and where to start. Usually connoisseurs of this hobby are young guys, whose average age is 16-20 years.

Young people are of the opinion that a hacker is a computer burglar, but this is misleading. That is why, before you master this profession, I recommend to figure out what a hacker is.

A hacker is a top-class programmer who works with off-the-shelf software and realizes his imagination using programming languages.

For some people, work is a way of life. This kind of makings is most often laid in childhood. To a greater extent, it is professional hackers. How to become one of them, learn below.

  • Learn the basics of programming. This skill will achieve the goal. According to professionals, it is realistic to study the database independently at home, if you spend as much time as possible on studying materials, programming languages ​​and computer equipment.
  • The basics of programming have a similar structure and principles. A number of programming languages ​​will have to learn by heart. Among them are PHP, MySQL, Java and others.
  • In addition to programming languages, be sure to get acquainted with operating systems that, at first glance, seem unpretentious. These are the UNIX and Linux platforms. Real hackers with Windows firmware do not work.
  • Hackers tend to work properly on the network, which involves much more than chatting with friends. If you really want to become a real ace, you have to get a lot of knowledge, and only the Internet will help. Learn how the global web works and understand why the client sends HTTP servers, how the browser interacts with the server, and so on. Without this knowledge, you will not have to rely on a good result.
  • Pick a software package. I'll warn you right away that choosing the right tool programs is not easy, but a strong desire to simplify the task. First, find some compilers and assemblers. The first decisions translate the program text into an equivalent program. The second option is software that translates software into machine-type commands.
  • Not do without a good text editor that allows you to create and modify text files, view, print and find text information.
  • A specialized editor is required, in which the program source codes are created and modified. Such a solution may be a separate program or part of the development environment.

You got the first idea on how to become a hacker. If you intend to build a career, it will not hurt to study several foreign languages. Experts recommend to pay special attention to the English language, as it is widely used on the Internet.

Video instructions

Summing up, I note that perseverance, along with an understanding of the goal and the ability to implement ideas, will allow you to become a successful hacker. True, it is better to work within the law, since malicious hacking is a criminal offense.

How to become a hacker from scratch

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The work of a professional hacker is very interesting. Hacking sites, stealing important information, stealing money, penetrating, divulging secrets. The possibilities of this hacker are endless. As for his name, it is carefully hidden.

Young people are involved in active theft of information and hacking sites. But they do not take into account that such actions often have to be accountable before the law.

Work does not always involve illegal activities, and this is a fact. If you wish to work in the computer field, large companies will use your services. And no wonder, because the hacker is a first-rate IT specialist.

As practice shows, corporations and large banks want to see a professional hacker on their staff. Organizations protect important information with the help of computer technology, and a specialist can detect loopholes in protection and prevent data theft.

To gain a profession will help only self-development. I will share a few tips, and with their help you will get closer to the dream, perhaps, and realize it.

Step-by-step action plan

  1. Basic skills. First of all, get acquainted with the Internet, find out the meaning of various headers, learn a lot of basic concepts and understand the interaction of browsers with servers.
  2. Programming languages. Pay special attention to the study of programming languages.With the help of manuals, which abound on the Internet, learn to write simple programs. With a little effort, master the skills of programming, and in the future it will be possible to improve them.
  3. If you want to work as a hacker, pay special attention to learning the language of hypertext markup, which is called HTML.
  4. English. Do not do without knowledge of English. This language is used by all world services. Therefore, possession of it is imperative.

The four points outlined will help master the basic skills. Having coped with the task, proceed to the study of professional issues and the intricacies of hacking. Fortunately, the Internet is full of information relating to today's topic.

Pay attention to the recommendations that I share. Believe me, they will help you gain professionalism, discipline, perseverance and diligence.

  • Appreciate your time and colleagues. Achievements must share with the "brothers in arms."
  • Respect the code. Hackers have their own code that prohibits giving or taking in return. If you managed to hack someone else's program, notify the owner so that he can work on protecting his brainchild.
  • Eradicate patterned thoughts. Hacker should not think in a pattern. He must have the ability to quickly and always find answers.
  • Ask for tips. If something is not clear, do not hesitate to ask for advice on the thematic forum. If you solved the problem yourself, tell the algorithm to colleagues. In the future they will do the same.
  • Follow the technique. The computer is a living organism and a close friend of an IT specialist. Therefore, computer technology, stationary systems, laptop or netbook, you need care.

Quickly reach the goal, if the team of your allies is replenished with perseverance and free time. Each day will have to learn new information, which will bring experience.

Video Tips

It is better to forget about computer games. Spend your free time getting knowledge that will come in handy in the future. Be sure to read the Criminal Code to avoid unpleasant situations.

How to become a hacker where to start

Hacker is sitting at the computer

Continuing the topic of today's article, we'll look at the main stages of training to learn in detail how to begin to become a hacker.

In feature films, hackers crack payment systems, government agencies, large organizations, and industrial sites. The main purpose of breaking is important information or money.The reality is not so simple.

A hacker is an ordinary programmer who is able to crack the program code. However, he has other goals. He does not seek to get important data and sell them for big money on the black market. During hacking, a specialist gets acquainted with the principle of operation of a program, studies the code in order to find holes, create an analogue or a similar program.

Many consider hackers to be criminals who hack and destroy, so there are “specialists” who are not hackers, but try to lead a similar way of life. Even a beginner can harm a site or computer if it uses a malicious script that disguises itself as a program and is placed on sites.

In real life, to meet a real professional in this field is problematic. An experienced hacker will never tell you what he does. He works alone because he knows that such activities are punishable.

  1. Be patient. Recognize that mastering skills will take years.
  2. Pay special attention to the study of applied mathematics. Believe me, without mathematical knowledge to become a hacker will not succeed.
  3. Be sure to purchase books on the work of programs, software platforms, security systems.
  4. Learn to write code and create encrypted systems without help. Work without these skills is impossible.
  5. Read thematic magazines, visit websites and forums dedicated to hacking. Sources of information will help in self-development.
  6. Keep a diary. Record statistics on success and achievements. Over time, you will notice that the skills have become more advanced.

Get ready for homeschooling to be long and require maximum effort. Only in this way conquer peaks and break stereotypes. Remember, you need to act within the law.


I hope the story will help, and you, having familiarized yourself with the material, will quickly succeed.

Do not forget that creating or changing programs that lead to illegal copying, blocking or destroying important information is a punishable offense. For such actions can deprive of liberty for 3 years and fine for a tidy sum.

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If actions cause serious consequences, the punishment will be more severe.Therefore, before you get to work, be sure to consider whether you can resist the temptation and do not cross the line of the law.

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