How to become a catwoman?

Natalia Kozlova
Natalia Kozlova
November 4, 2014
How to become a catwoman?

It is often said about werewolf-wolves, and why not become a werewolf-cat? For this, of course, it is absolutely necessary to sew a fur suit with a tail and an elegant mask with ears, which is described in detail in the article How to make a cat mask. But this is clearly not enough. We must also acquire the mentality of the cat, which is referred to on the page How to become a cat. Let's talk more about the mysterious feline mentality.

How to acquire the mentality of the cat

It is said that in order to understand what a person thinks, one must stand in the same position and give his face the same expression as his. Then, due to the similarity of the external form, the corresponding content will come to your mind, i.e. thoughts of your counterpart.

With cats as well. To acquire the mentality of the cat, you need to become the same as it: dexterous, flexible, graceful. Here you will be helped by training in the gym. Tell the coach what you want to achieve, so that he will pick up the appropriate exercises for you, and practice before getting the result.

Then you need to decide what kind of woman you want to become a cat: a thunderstorm of surrounding birds and mice, or a cute, spoiled pet with a pink bow. The second option is complicated by finding a host who will pamper you for your purring. In addition, he is fraught with the fact that, according to Kipling, from time to time the owner will throw a boot at you.

Now there was the most trifle: as close as possible to the cat, to become akin to it, to become exactly like it, to accept its pose, its expression of the muzzle, learn to meow and purr. And then at some point you will feel like a real cat.

To become related to a cat, you can hold a special ceremony, recommended by some esotericists. You need to take a cat, look into her eyes and tell her your wish. Then give her something tasty. Remember how she looked like she ate. Draw it, write your wish from below. Tear the sheet and develop it in the wind. Many people recommend burning the leaf, pouring the ashes into a glass of water and drinking. Everything - you are a cat!

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