How beautiful to decorate a mobile phone?

Of course, you can order an exclusive phone in the store, but its price will make you forget about the dream for a long time, change your mobile phone. If everything is not perfect with finances, you should not fall into sadness. You can decorate your phone cheaply and beautifully. How exactly? Read on.

Despite the fact that thousands of new models are presented in the world every year, it is simply impossible to find a unique thing. One hundred percent of someone from your environment has the same phone as yours. Some people do not take it to heart, but for others it is a tragedy.

How can I decorate my mobile phone? This question is interesting to people who prefer to stand out among the crowd. The phone has long ceased to be a simple means of communication. Now it is an accessory, without which we can not live peacefully for a second. Therefore, it is important that your mobile does not bother and always like you.

Before you begin the process of decorating we suggest you to think carefully.It is important that your desire to change the appearance of the phone was not spontaneous, because in this case you can very quickly regret that you did not keep your phone in its original form.

It's just that your brightness and rhinestones will start annoying you very quickly. This is hello to the fact that you want to change the phone to a simpler one. To avoid a bad mood, consider whether to take on an independent change of design.

Moreover, if you bought a mobile phone not for your money, if it is a gift, and even more so if you are a minor child, then it makes sense to ask permission or simply to know the opinion of close people.

For those who irrevocably decided to have a unique and unlike any other phone, we offer some useful ideas.


If you are afraid to radically change the look of your mobile, then you can use trinkets and covers for its decoration. It is advisable not to buy them in the store, and do it yourself. You can sew a cover from a piece of beautiful fabric and embroider it, or you can knit a case with knitting needles or crochet.

Keychains made of beads and clay look nice. This way you can use new decorations every day. If you have a romantic mood, hang a heart on the phone, if you are sad - a little bit.There are many options.

A great way to decorate the phone will be rhinestones and pebbles. It's clear that this option is suitable only for girls and women. With the help of pebbles you can even make the most nondescript phone glamorous.

We suggest you decorate the panel with a beautiful flower made of multi-colored stones, you can add pearls and elements of gold. The main thing is not to overdo it. You want to have a stylish phone, not tasteless.

The procedure of putting stones on a mobile phone can be made in the salon for money, although you can easily do it yourself.

Recently, we increasingly see phones with unusual patterns. They are obtained using laser airbrushing. You will not be able to put such prints on your phone yourself, but a specialist will be able to drastically change the appearance of your phone.

An even more advanced decoration method is engraving. Roughly speaking, your phone on the body will make an eternal color tattoo. It looks elegant, it's very difficult to decide on the final version of the picture. Today I want a butterfly, and tomorrow - a skull.

There are budget options for decorating the phone.These are beautiful color films with various patterns. You can order film design either in a special store or on the Internet. Glue it on the phone is not hard, but the result will delight you no one month. The film can be changed very often.

Some craftsmen paint the phone with durable paint. But for this you need to at least be able to draw.
We have listed to you the main ideas for the design of the main attribute of the life of each person. Choose you. To show how a phone can become after design, we suggest you to look at the lessons on decorating phones.

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