How to assist on the spot with a simple and shallow wound

Confident in their knowledge, home healers, starting the treatment of a superficial wound, immediately make the mistake of pouring it with green paint, iodine or alcohol, and are ready to treat the burns with hydrogen peroxide. Such an error may further lead to a slower healing process, as well as to the appearance of scars, albeit small ones. Each antiseptic is designed for a specific operation, you should not make it a panacea for all ills.
If the wound is bleeding - this happens if a person has hurt himself in the fall and got abrasions - first of all try to wash it, removing all the dirt that has fallen into the wound. For this, a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine or miramistina is suitable. If there are no such agents at hand, use water with soap if the wound is very dirty. After treatment, blot the damaged area with a clean cloth to dry it.
If the bleeding has stopped, and it stops quickly with shallow wounds, then no dressing is required. Such injuries heal better when exposed. If the victim has problems with clotting, the imposition of a sterile dressing is necessary.
If the damaged area of ​​the skin is constantly in contact with clothing or footwear, it is necessary to apply a bandage or glue it with adhesive tape. But do not forget that the skin must breathe under it, so under the adhesive plaster there must be a piece of hygroscopic material. If it is not sterile, soak in an alcohol tincture or chlorhexidine and allow the material to dry.
If green paint gets into the wound, a trace may appear after healing - the so-called tattoo. The same goes for iodine. Therefore, these tools are not suitable for washing wounds and stopping bleeding. Their use is justified only as a disinfectant applied outside the wound.
In case of burns, before going to the doctor, the blisters should be smeared with antibacterial ointment, such as Vishnevsky ointment, Levosin, and cover with a bandage. Light reddenings do not need additional processing.If the wound hurts badly, you can use ointments or gels with lidocaine, for example, Kamistad, especially for burns of mucous membranes.
Helpful advice
Peroxide has a short disinfecting effect, but it quickly stops bleeding. But chlorhexidine or miramistin, on the contrary, for a long time retains its antimicrobial properties, but the blood can not stop. For shallow wounds, you can use the last remedy, without the need to use others.

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