How to allocate resources

Make the transition from the traditional system of existing fixed costs to the system of variable costs. Attract labor force on a part-time basis. Perform commission sales, calculate the amount of rent for the premises as a percentage of the sales volume received. These methods will allow you to bring the costs of the enterprise in line with its income.
Attract external resources if the firm lacks its own (this will be called outsourcing).
Make the transfer of assets of the company, which are not fully exploited in the long-term lease (leasing).
Spend money only in the most emergency case. Consider, after determining the amount of all the resources needed to use one or another opportunity to run your business, how you can access these resources without using checks. In this case, the most competent decision may be to rent a building, or a certain equipment, on the conditions that could allow to make payments from the amount of income received from customers.
Use the network for resource allocation. It can be created in the process of forming the scope of service. In this case, it is necessary to develop such a method of delivery of bulging products or the provision of services that will fully meet consumer demand.

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