How did Vogue US Magazine quarrel with bloggers?

On Sunday, the site, which during the weeks of the fashion is for many fashion magazines actually the center of the universe due to the fact that it quickly posts the photos of the shows, just a few minutes after the show, published in one review the opinions of several editors about the past Fashion Week in Milan. In addition to the expected eulogy of favorite designers and the most memorable shows (among the latter - Gucci, Versace, Bottega Venetta, Prada and Marni), in their opuses the authors of Vogue for some reason decided to seize the moment and criticize fashion bloggers. Such a turn for all was unexpected, given that the latter have become full-fledged heroes of fashion chronicles and reviews along with the stars of show business. We understand who suddenly started a war with bloggers and who benefits from it?

Sarah Singer, the digital director of Vogue, called the very presence of fashion bloggers on the weeks of fashion a "schizophrenic moment" for the latter allegedly dressing up every hour for things that they are paid and sent to brands, and this policy, in Singer's opinion, inevitably leads to "Death style".Sarah Mauer, a regular critic of fashion shows in Vogue, suddenly became concerned that “risking a traffic accident,” scurried around between shows in the hope of getting into the lens of photographers. We guessed that, most likely, Sarah had in mind the very Milan tramways where street style heroes always pose at Milan Fashion Week, although on these very rails one can find the same “magazine fraternity” - for example, a stylist and a visiting fashion Vogue editor-in-chief Vivian Volpicella, posing right in the middle of the tramways.

Viviana Volpicella

Anna Case Rousseau

Not at all embarrassed, Mauer called this battle “disgusting” and “pitiful”, aiming her anger solely at the girls, as if men among fashion bloggers and dressed-up onlookers, dreaming of getting to the pages of magazines, were not observed at all in Milan. Another critic of impressions, Nicole Phelps, supported her colleagues, declaring that all this was “sad” and “disturbing,” especially when fashion brands are more and more ready to participate in dressing bloggers before fashion weeks, and Vogue’s news editor said bloggers, instead of demonstrating the style, actually look ridiculous, obsessed with social networks, overly ask and copy each other, for which they should be ashamed.

In response to criticism from the Vogue team, bloggers Susie Bubble and Brian Boy have already spoken, recalling that in 2009 the editors of magazines already tried to prohibit bloggers from coming to fashion shows as guests and now, as they did then, are trying to make the fashion world an elite closed circle , which can not get "uninitiated." But in 2016, this is already a failed undertaking, since all the secrets of the industry have been revealed to readers of these very magazines. First, editors, like bloggers, get clothes, shoes and accessories as a gift, and even if they don’t want to get into the frame, they still flash on the pages of their magazines and websites, even if they are nameless role models. Secondly, all these reviews of the shows are the same story as with the teacher’s favorites at school, when they are written off absenteeism and given easier tasks.

In the favor of editors now Gucci and Michele, Gvasalia and his brands, Donatella and Versace "cheered up", which means we will hear praise on them even if it is a raincoat, fisherman's boots or leggings with stripes

Thirdly (and, honestly, in-chief), everyone has long understood that trends are a fascinating fiction,which can be seen by a designer, a blogger, a fashion encyclopedia, and a girlfriend with good taste — it doesn’t matter, because it’s not “opium for the people”, not Moses’s commandment, but just a temporary choice to wear one another.

Suzy babble

Brian fight

A funny quarrel between bloggers and editors will soon be forgotten, even if it broke out to the spot (Paris Fashion Week is about to begin, and everyone needs advertising!) And accidentally exposed all the duplicity of the industry: magazines publish photos of fashion bloggers because they collect tens of thousands of subscribers to Instagram, but at the same time they want a monopoly in proclaiming fashionable trends.

At the same time, both magazines and bloggers live on the advertising money of the same brands and, in fact, under the loud slogan “We proclaim style!” They simply promote certain brands plus a bit of their talent

It turns out such a war of birds who cannot share one manger and realize that since we all have the Internet in the phone, any blogger can turn himself into a fashionable media, expand the boundaries of the fashion world beyond the “favorites” and the masters and open readers of new brands that have not yet accumulated in order to pay for advertising in Vogue.

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