How does character depend on driving style?

I bet that since you passed the driving test and got your license, you never thought about how you drive. And even more so you could not even think that your driving style can tell a lot about your character.

Choose a picture that shows your posture while driving, and find out something interesting about yourself.4-131-696x418

1. Minimalist

You are trying to make life as simple as possible. You do not surround yourself with unnecessary things and people, but as friends you choose the most straightforward and sincere people. You prefer to have a few close friends and do not trade for relationships in which you do not see the future. But the fact that you are a minimalist does not mean that you are bored! Surrounding people appreciate your taste and your dramatic approach to life.

2. Fun

Your brain constantly generates a variety of crazy ideas. You can find funny in any situation. You are a very funny and energetic person. You are a true genius of creativity,and your artistic abilities attract many friends to you. But they know that it is better not to compete with you in wit, because they will not outbid you.

3. Peacemaker

You do not like disputes, conflicts upset you and bring you out of balance. If you ever raise your voice, your relatives are surprised and understand that this is serious. You do not tolerate quarrels and direct all your peacekeeping abilities to eliminate conflicts between loved ones.

4. Perfectionist

You pay a lot of attention to details, like when everything goes according to plan. You firmly believe that if you really do something, then do it well. You are always neat and look good. Your perfectionism probably led you to great success. Others can only dream of reaching the same heights in studies, work and relationships.

5. Alarmist

You often struggle with your fears. You can go back home several times to check if all the doors are locked and the iron is off, even if you did not have it. You prefer not to risk it and trust only proven and reliable methods. Your family and friends love you very much and always try to help you relax, because they know that there is a wonderful person behind your uncertainty.

6. Adventurer

You love the risk and thrill. You do not just love to walk on the edge of a knife, you also think that you need to take a maximum from life. If you have not tried skydiving or bungee - you will definitely like such an extreme pastime. When it comes to love, here you are also ready to surrender. Of course, your friends sometimes marvel at your temperament and do not always share your hobbies. But your life credo "live full" deserves respect in their eyes.

7. The Boss

You are a born leader. You have the talent to take the situation under your control and direct it clearly and decisively. The people around you turn to you for advice and support. They trust you, because you are very confident in yourself. At work, you are often praised for your leadership and organizational skills. In a relationship, it may be hard for you to find a person who would complement you. But when he meets you, you will realize that the expectation was worth it.

8. Reliable

People love you. You are a huge support for your family and friends. You sincerely rejoice in the success of others and feel free to express your admiration for other people. You are an excellent listener, which makes you the first person to whom people turn for advice. You are not inclined to go ahead and allow others to take the initiative in their own hands.And while they are fighting life's circumstances, you rest away from all the vicissitudes and accept life as it is.

9. Steep

Your attitude to life can be envied. You are not used to taking everything too close to your heart, and it may seem to others that you don't care. Even in the most difficult periods of your life, you radiate self-confidence and calm. Every day is a holiday for you. Friends and relatives always turn to you when they want to have fun.

10. Tank

You are always busy, and you do not have time to pander with those who stand in your way. Why bother solving the problem, you prefer to go ahead. People around you admire your pressure and purposefulness. Friends know that you can rely on in any situation. You are always in action and will certainly succeed in any endeavor.

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