How not to get sick from the air conditioner

When installing the air conditioner, think in advance about where the appliance will be located. The cooled air should not blow directly to the place where you are used to spending most of your time - a desk, a favorite chair, a sofa. Being in the room, you should not feel the flow of air - just feel a comfortable temperature.
If the air conditioner was installed without taking into account your opinion (for example, in the office where you came to work after), and you do not have the opportunity to move your desk, you will have to limit control of the curtains. Direct them so that the cold air does not blow at you (and, preferably, at the rest of those present) - for example, at the ceiling.
You can sleep with the air conditioner on, but you should take precautions: in no case should the flow be directed to your bed. In a dream, a person can spend a few hours in a static pose.If in such a position you are continuously affected by the flow of air, and not necessarily too cold, you risk earning not only a cold, but also problems with the spine or muscle inflammation.
Temperature control is also important for safe use of the air conditioner. When cooling, do not set the device to a temperature more than 4-6 degrees lower than that outside. Otherwise, you significantly increase your chances of getting a cold.
It is not enough just to install the air conditioner and forget about it. It must be cleaned periodically. If you forget about this important procedure, bacteria will also spread through the room with cool (or, on the contrary, warm) air.

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